Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Full Saturday

I've been behind again on blogging, Mom started a blog for her mission and Becky has been blogging lately which has pushed me back to wanting to get caught up.

I started my by getting up and doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen and getting myself ready for the day (I've noticed that with my losing weight and becoming happier with myself that I have a lot more selfies, haha). Lipstick is a new thing for me but it makes a huge difference!

I had seen something a couple of weeks ago on Facebook called Children's Entrepreneur Market. It is a farmers market style thing completely ran by kids (they manage the booths, are supposed to make the sales, use the money, etc.), I thought that it sounded like a cool idea and the event was happening here in Lehi at Thanksgiving Point. I had invited Libbey and the kids but she wasn't feeling up to going so I took Alexia and Sophie. It was super cool, over 150 booths, many of them with things that the kids had made themselves (games, food, slime, magic tricks, bracelets, etc.).  

 This was probably Sophie's favorite booth, they painted her nails!

 It was quite impressive all that they got to do/buy with their $5!

 After the market the girls and I went straight to Ben and Sonia's for Nadia's bridal shower. The girls got to play with Isabel. At one point Isabel came up and sat between Rachel and I and promptly fell asleep.

 After the shower we went home. Libbey said that she needed to go and check on Kiera that she should probably be awake by now. I walked in and found that Kiera was wide awake, sitting up and playing with her shoes. She didn't even notice that I was there taking her picture for a bit but as soon as she did she wanted me to help with her shoe and then get her out.

 We ended the evening by going swimming at the community pool. Kiera was so cute, she would stand at the edge of the pool and throw the diving ring for me to get and bring it back to her so that she would throw it again (talking about it I feel like a dog).

She decided that she was cold and done so I got to do some snuggling with her.