Sunday, July 31, 2011

Old McDonald Had a Farm

Saturday we decided that we need not sit around all day until I went to work that we had time to do something, so we talked through all the options of what we could do. Sonia had mentioned that at Thanksgiving Point they have something called Farm Country where you could go and see animals and lots of other fun stuff. We thought that sounded like a great adventure and headed out.

There were so many different animals to see and pet (many of which Claire knew the sound they made)

I never knew that there were so many different types of turkeys and that some of them walk around like they are very regal and puffed up (one even made this noise as it would puff up).

We wanted to pet the horsies very much but had to be very careful of little fingers.

We bought some feed and all got a chance to feed the chickens. Claire was really good at it (you can see the popcorn flying through the air).

The baby cute and wanted to play!

Nathan and Claire in jail...oh no! After we walked away I guess Claire laid down and wanted to take a nap, apparently she wasn't against being in jail.

Grandma and Claire walking by the duck pond. (they were very noisy!)

Enjoying the limited shade while waiting for the horse ride.

The horse ride was so nice and soothing, we went on cement and the hoofs on the road had a nice lulling sound that could have quite easily put all of us asleep (the driver said that she has done that before--not while at work! but when she was driving with a group she tied the horses up and let them follow the wagon in front of her while she took a nap).

Cute Miss C and Sallee for one last photo shoot before we went home for naps all around.

Rise and Shout...

...the Cougar fans are out!
Friday afternoon we all went down to Provo for the sole purpose of buying the 2011 BYU football $5 T-Shirt (which they actually bumped up to $10 this year...can you believe it!?) and some ice cream of course! It was a fun, quick trip down and back.

Who can see this and not take a picture?

Not Mom!

2 Completely Awesome things about this picture.... 1-Claire's super cute bumblebee hat and 2-She is carrying around her swimsuit (she is a big fan of water, swimming, swimsuit, etc.). It went all through the bookstore, across the parking lot, and to the creamery.

Stud of a brother.

Mom and Nate eating the yumminess that is ice cream.


Splish Splash

This past Thursday Sonia called up everyone and invited them to go to the Highland Splash Pad with her and the kids. I had just enough time to go with everyone before heading to was so much fun and I love that it was free. The kids loved it and loved playing with each other (even the adults got wet! :D). Even though it's designed mostly for kids I would totally be for going again (this time with swimming suit underneath my clothes and ready to get wet).

Claire was immediately ready to go in and wanted to wander around all of the shooting fountains.

As soon as Lexie saw the water she wanted to be no where but there.

I loved that the water was deep enough to sit in but not overly deep where it would be scary.

We sat Lexie down by one of the shooting fountains, she was so funny. Every time it would stop shooting she would try to look down the hole and put her fingers in it. Whenever she would get wet she would make this face but she kept on wanting to get wet.

Sarah and Jacob were also there but there are not any pictures of them because they were off playing the whole time and had no time for pictures.
One thing that really impressed me was that they turned off all the water for about 10 minutes at the end of the hour to make sure that kids took a potty break, checked in with parents, had a snack, and it gave parents some time to leave if they wanted without having to drag their kids away screaming because the water was still going and everyone was having fun.

Endless Words

They say that a picture is a thousand words and I believe that they express many emotions also. Somehow when asking Kyle to take a picture for me it ended up as these pictures and many more (where lots of words and emotions were expressed).

Hair's the Thing

Brea and Addie came over on Wednesday (my day off) to play but I also asked her if she would be willing to do my hair as I felt that it has been getting a little crazy lately (I needed some shape back to my hair). While she was cutting my hair Addie decided to do her own...we had made her jelly sandwiches and she used the jelly as "gel" and had her hair sticking out everywhere :)

The Results:

Straight and Flirty! (after Brea did my hair and I looked in the mirror I told her that I felt flirty, she then curled the bangs even more and I felt even more so)

Curly and Ready to Party! (not really ready to party as it's Sunday :D)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's a Thriller

See that roller coaster? It's fast and scary! I'm not a fan of rides but Friday night/Saturday morning after work everyone decided it would be fun to ride. I joined in, imagine that it's 1 in the morning and I'm screaming my head off (but having tons of fun!). Who would have thunk it?

You're Invited...

Some pretty exciting things are going to be happening at Trafalga and you're invited to join in on the fun/madness!
Next Saturday (July 30th) we are celebrating our 1 year Anniversary/Birthday of being open as Trafalga and as such we are having a huge bash. There is going to be face painting, BBQ, a bounce house, different mascots from the area teams, cotton candy, plus tons more of awesome fun stuff!
To get the excitement pumped up for this event and to spread the news this last Tuesday ABC 4 came early in the morning and taped a story about it. Because it was earlier than we are opened and we wanted to have people there doing the activities the employees family and friends were invited to come and play for fun and get breakfast (I cooked the food). I invited Sonia, the kids, Mom, and a couple of friends to join in on the fun. Check out the ABC 4 video here (where Sonia and the kids played a big part in!---Samuel is the best part at the end when he just stares at the interviewer :D)

Notice all of those people...yep most of them are employees (it's not very often that we get paid to go out and play :D)

Greg (in the light blue), our manager...was in his third or fourth shirt of the day by this time.

Sonia loved the roller coaster (which I knew that she would), Samuel looked like he was ready to throw-up, Sarah looked like she was crying, and Katrina had a look that reminded me very much of was quite funny to see.

So, if you're looking for something to do next Saturday come join the fun...check out the event page on Facebook here!