Thursday, October 27, 2011

For my Birthday I decided to have a dinner with my closest friends, it was so much fun to have Leah, Jamie, Erin, J.J., Allisyn, Brea, Darrell, and Addie all together. I made dinner and afterwards we played games with some entertainment provided by the babies :)

Addie trying on Aunt Leah's glasses.

Jamie very serious during the games...had to make sure that the boys won :)

I promise I'm not as scary as I look :)

There was a buzzer and both girls thought that it should be kept in their hands...they were more than willing to crawl across the table to who was currently holding it.

The future pianist

Addie couldn't find her own pacifier so she stole her baby dolls.
Thanks guys for a fun night!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Despain Family

Erin and J.J. gave me the opportunity again to keep working on my photography a couple of weeks ago. Because I was having a dinner that same night we decided to just do it in the backyard and then at the railroad tracks that are a couple of blocks away. I only took 777 pictures :) but I'm pretty sure that we got some A-MAZING ones!

(Allisyn LOVED my yellow bracelet and my Mom's pumpkin shaker, sometimes that was the only thing that would get her to sit)

Lunch of Champions

Nathan and Sallee were in town for a couple of days (yeah!), they wanted to see everyone if only for a bit so we arranged to meet for lunch Friday afternoon. I got lucky and someone was willing to cover my shift so that I could go and join them. We brought my camera but unfortunately forgot to take some pictures after Nate and the Chuys arrived (Claire had been super tired and fell asleep right before they left to come meet us for lunch). her!

My silly brother who is not a fan of taking a normal picture.

Sonia...she had had surgery on her hand the day before, a big trooper being willing to come have lunch with all of us despite probably being very tired.

The HUGE sandwich that Sonia got...we had not expected it to be so big!

We missed Sallee and Claire at lunch but when we were finished Claire had woken up so Mom and I went over and visited them for a was so much fun to hear Claire giggling and laughing!

Life is a Yummy Waffle

My Mom's side of the family has a gathering and dinner once every 3 months, the dinner happened a couple of weeks ago. We had yummy waffles, cinnamon sauce, and sausage. It happened to be when Becky, Aubrey, and Parker were still in town (yeah!). Mom wanted to take some pictures of all the cousins, we greatly missed Miss C but the pictures turned out cute and displayed the personalities of the kids all very well.

This one cracks me up every time I look at it.

Aubrey and her cute hair that Aunt Libbey did for her.

Becky, Aubrey, and the Joel's bear

Aubrey with Joel's bear and Jacob with his bear that Grandma made for him.

Turning One

This month Miss Alexia (the last of the 3 cutie pies) turned 1, they had a big bash with lots of friends and family gathering for yummy food, bonfire, pinatas, and cake.

Everyone a chance on the pinata

As soon as it was down the ground was completely covered with little bodies going for candy.

Party goers gathering around the bonfire for the delicious warmth that it offered.

The cute cake that Brea made for Lexie.

Adorable Aubrey...I only wish that they made a coat exactly like that in my size.

They had a guessing jar to guess how many candies were there, Uncle Ben and Aubrey tied so they got to share the prize.

Meeting the Baby

Becky, Aubrey, and Parker were in two for a couple of weeks because Becky's sister was getting married. They stopped by for an afternoon visit on my day off, I loved seeing them and getting meet Parker for the first time...he is as cute as I expected! Aubrey is just as chatty as ever andher conversations are becoming more complete and Parker has the most beautiful smile that lights up his whole face! I miss them all but I was so happy to get to see them a few times before they left again.

(My Mom made this bear for Joel when he was little)