Saturday, October 30, 2010


Mandy and Jamie's wedding is coming up soon (less than 4 weeks!) and so getting her announcements done have been a top priority. Last week Wanda, Brea, Addi, and I headed up to my Mom's and spent the day there working on getting as much done as possible.

Brea working hard at gluing the info sheet into the burgundy card.

Cards all folded up with the info sheets glued in.

The pretty little R's with jewels on them!

Parts all divided up and bagged to make it easier when it came time to put them together.

Cute Addi---she had her Halloween costume on but we took it off while she was sleeping.

More work. We had ran out of some pieces and so Wanda and my Mom ran to get them at the store, we had hopped to have everything done by the time they got back but it didn't happen.
As of last night Mandy said that more than half of the announcements were all tied, put together, and labeled! Look forward to getting your announcement soon!

PhotoHunt: Dark

Freshman Year for one of our FHE activities we went and Heart Attacked the bishoprics houses, of course in order to do that you have to be dressed in black so that you can sneak up and not be seen :D We wouldn't be who we are if we didn't take some silly pictures.

Non-Omelet Night

Tuesday night we thought that it was supposed to be omelet night at the hospital (they do it once a month in their cafeteria I guess) and we were pretty excited, so Candace, Janet, Candace's brother Kevin, and I headed over to the cafeteria. When we got there we discovered that we were wrong and it had been earlier, but because we were already there and cold we decided to order food anyway because their food is reasonably priced and pretty good. Candace got a hot fudge sundae (she had decided to not sweets for the can see how well it was going :D), Kevin and I french fries, and Janet and I hot chocolate-I burnt my tongue :(

I still want to go to omelet night so we will have to try again!


My roommates are good and study a lot :D

Inside Out Day

Last week I walked into my roommates bedroom to find that she had put her sweatpants on inside out, it looked so funny that I couldn't miss taking a picture :D

Pumpkin Carving

Last week for FHE we carved pumpkins! I was so excited because I had been wanting to do it and hadn't carved one since I was little. Here is just a selection of the fun :D


Saturday night my roommates Candace, Janet, and Anna were going to a dollar haunted house by campus that a group was putting on in their house and they invited me to go with them. I'm not a fan of being scared and sometimes can get scared fairly easy so I wasn't sure how much I was going to like it. We waited in a very long line and finely made it into the building we were allowed to go in groups of two or three, Janet, Candace, and I went together first. There was cars to climb through with people in the front grabbing at you, you had to go downstairs into the basement, crawl through a hallway with dead people hanging from the ceiling, very dark with little light and many other scary things.
In order to keep from myself from being scared I would be silly...I said hello to one scary lady that was reaching down to touch me, when someone would try yelling at me "what are you doing in my house," I would respond "I don't know" or something like that :D
It was rather funny because I ended up having no problem with the house at all but my roommate who was talking all tough before we went inside went screaming through the whole thing and clutching to her friend that she was with.


My roommate has a quesadilla maker and the other day a quesadilla sounded really good so I grabbed it out of the cupboard, cooked up the tortillas (I buy the uncooked ones from Costco) and got the cheese out ready to make my super yummy quesadilla.
The first quesadilla went super easy and looked beautiful when I was done, except that it had a little extra cheese seeping out the sides (of course who can ever have too much cheese?)

Because the cheese seeped out the sides I decided to put a little less cheese in my second one, I got so excited about putting the right amount of cheese that I kind of forgot to put the second tortilla on top...note to self: it works a lot better when you put the second tortilla on top.


On Sunday during Sunday School the teacher asked everyone who had cried, everyone waved their hands of course.
He then asked "what are some reasons you cry?" immediately there was the response "Girls"
The next question was "what do you do when someone you love is crying?".....
"When someone I know is crying I try to wear a black shirt so that when their mascara runs it doesn't stain." (of course both responses came from a guy)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

PhotoHunt: Orange

This is from my first trip to Taiwan, one weekend Natalie and I went downtown and had shaved ice. This is technically mango but it still looks delicious and orange!

Double Two!

Tuesday was my birthday and I turned the big 2-2!! It was amazing because I began the day with almost no plans but by the end I had a very full day!

It started with lunch at Noodles & Co. with Mom, Sarah, Sonia, Lily, Jacob, Libbey, and Lexie...
Sarah, she scared me that she was going to stab herself in the eye as I was taking this picture.

My beautiful sister-in-law Sonia.

Lily, an adopted sister-in-law.

Jacob, my silly nephew who was more interested in his chicken noodle soup. :D

The whole group (minus my Mom, who is taking the picture)

My beautiful newest niece Alexia...isn't she gorgeous!?

She was dressed up especially for my birthday :D (in pink!!)

Sonia wants to start this new tradition where you are given a balloon to let go with a wish...after I let it go I said that I should have added my picture with phone number to help my wish come true :D

My Mom's Birthday gift was a new pair of winter boots, Sonia had a coupon to get 20% off of everything at Famous Footwear so we headed over there to look. Just our luck they were having a big sale on boots. Mom and I both found a pair that we really liked (yep the same pair :D) and were able to purchase/order them. While Mom/Sonia were paying I looked over and saw silly Sarah hanging upside-down on this chair.

My roommates Janet, Candace, and Anna were all really sweet and made me a birthday was super duper yummy! Yellow cake with fresh whipped topping (Anna even whipped it by hand as she couldn't find our hand-mixer) with fresh fruit on top. Doesn't it look delicious?
Ben was in town to have a meeting with Kyle and David and so he and Kyle took me out to frozen yogurt...Leah, Addi, Brea, and Darrell joined too! I LOVE Frozen Yogurt! It was Ben's first time trying it :D

Leah and Addi...Brea had forgotten to bring a blanket in for Addi so we wrapped her in my snuggie :D


Darrell...I don't know why but this picture cracks me up every time I see it.



Kyle and I :D

Brea and Darrell

After frozen yogurt Ben and Kyle went home while the rest of us went back to Brea and Darrell's to hang out for a bit until the movie started. We watched Eat, Love, and Pray because it was one that I had been wanting to see. I liked the movie, though I think that it was rather long and it didn't go at all the way that I thought it was going to. I think that it won't be a movie that I will seek out again on my own but if someone else is watching it I will watch it again with them.

Thanks to all the family and friends who wished me happy birthday and who worked to make it special...I loved all the time spent with people and the wishes of happy birthday via facebook, e-mail, text, and on the phone.