Friday, January 13, 2017

Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall

(I am not implying that my mom is Humpty Dumpty with the title) Tuesday afternoon I was at work when I got a call from my mom asking me if I could come and pick her up as she had fallen and hurt herself at the store and couldn't drive herself to the doctors. I immediately called Davey and asked if I could leave to go get my mom (I realized that this was yet another blessing from this job, Davey said to go without hesitation, even asking if there was anything that he could do), I picked up mom at Hobby Lobby in Orem and took her to instacare. We found out that she had fractured her wrist (🙁) and it might cause her mission to be delayed.
Derek was so nice, after he got off work he came and met us at instacare, drove back to my car at Hobby Lobby in Orem and then drove my car home for me.
Today mom went to a different doctor and found out that she is going to have to have surgery on her wrist (the doctor said that the fracture is big enough that her hand could heal wrong and cause her to more likely have arthritis in her hand). She is supposed to have the surgery in a week and then has eight weeks of healing which means her mission will get pushed back about a month.

Walls, walls, walls!

I stopped by my house today and they finished the drywall, which means.... I have walls!!! They obviously aren't done but they are beautiful! I can't wait to see what they do next.

Friday, January 6, 2017


It made me sad how many complaints that I heard towards the end of 2016 how terrible it had been and how people were more than ready for 2017. Last week Derek and I took a drive to Arches National Park and while we were driving we discussed how people were so negative towards the year, we talked about how it's a outlook thing, if you are looking for the bad you will always find it but the same goes if you are looking for the good you will find it as well (I prefer to learn from the bad and move forward reflecting on the good).
So here is my list of 2016 Greats!
  • Started the year off great with a COLD bike ride (January 1st)
  • Visited Capital Reef National Park with Derek (January 2nd)
  • Lots of drives up the canyons with Derek (All Year)
  • Ice Castles with Mom, Kayla, and Derek (January 20th)
  • Visited Bryce Canyon National Park with Derek (March 6th)
  • Hit a blizzard on the way back from Bryce Canyon (March 6th)
  • Lots of bike rides by myself, with Derek/Kayla, and with Derek (All Year)
  • Lots of experiments with my grill (All Year)
  • Went to my first Caucus (March 22nd)
  • Went to Salt Flats with Derek (March 25th)
  • Hit a blizzard on the way back from Salt Flats (March 25th)
  • Quit job at Young Explorers Daycare (April 8th)
  • Started new job at Joseph Thomas Real Estate (April)
  • Went riding on Antelope Island with Derek (April 9th)
  • Got rid of a lot of stuff and reorganized basement with Mom (April)
  • Biked Front Runner Century with Kayla (April 23rd)
  • Made my first Lemon Curd (April 26th)
  • Lots of evening walks with Mom (All Year)
  • Went to California to babysit for Joel and Becky with Mom (May)
  • Explored California with Mom, Children, Kyle, Kayla, and Derek (May)
  • Visited Yosemite National Park with Kayla and Derek (May 29th)
  • Hit a rabbit (May 29th)
  • Biked Little Red Riding Hood with Kayla and her Mom (June 4th)
  • Had my tire completely blow threw (June 4th)
  • Made Kiera's First Birthday Cake--6 layers (June 11th)
  • High Valley Concert with Mom in the park (June 20th)
  • Fiddler on the Roof play with Mom and Lucy (June 21st)
  • Bike ride with Brea, Leah, and Mandy (June 23rd)
  • Volunteered at Lehi Round Up (June 24th)
  • Volunteered at Bike MS in Logan (June 26th)
  • Thompson Square concert with Kayla (June 29th)
  • Helped carry the Giant Flag up the Canyon (July 3rd)
  • Quick trip to Bear Lake with the Chuy's (July 3rd-4th)
  • Truck drove through our backyard (July 6th)
  • Biked Antelope Island by Moonlight (July 15th)
  • Went to Salt Flats with Derek (July 16th)
  • Went hiking with Brea and kids (July 23rd)
  • Went to Castle Valley Pageant with Mom and Chuy's (July 29th)
  • Hiked Donut Falls with Skousen's and McBride's (August 13th)
  • Went to Bee's Baseball game with Mom and the Chuy's (August 13th)
  • Went to Utah County Fair with Mom, Ben, and Sonia (August 20th)
  • Went to Nashville Tribute Band concert with Mom (August 22nd)
  • Installed bike rack on my car with Derek (September 1st)
  • Went to St. George with the Skousen's (September 2nd)
  • Visited Zion National Park with the Skousen's (September 3rd)
  • Mom received her mission call (September 15th)
  • Biked Goldilocks ride with Leah (September 24th)
  • Took the Chuy's family pictures (September 25th)
  • Hosted Newport girls night during Priesthood session (October 1st)
  • Signed an official offer on American Fork townhouse (October 1st)
  • Designed my house (October)
  • Birthday dinner with Erin and Jamie (October 12th)
  • Witches night out with Brea and Kimmy (October 14th)
  • OneRepublic concert with Katrina (October 15th)
  • Jazz Game with Kyle, Ben, and kids (October 17th)
  • Birthday (October 19th)
    • Surprise breakfast from Chase and Davey
    • Pedicures with Kayla and Mom
    • Dinner at Cantinas with Mom, Libbey, Kyle, Kayla, Derek, and Brea
    • Dinner at Benihanas with Brea and Leah
  • Pinners conference with Brea and Mandy (November 5th)
  • Bonfire up the canyon with Kayla and Derek (November 9th)
  • Beauty and the Beast play with Mom (November 11th)
  • Disneyworld with Brea and McBride's (November)
  • Little Mermaid play with Mom (November 21st)
  • Aquarium with family (November 23rd)
  • Thanksgiving with family (November 24th)
  • Started back at VASA and started working with a trainer (November 30th)
  • Nashville Tribute Band Christmas concert with Mom (December 2nd)
  • Dinner with Newport friends (December 8th)
  • Got beautiful Christmas tree (December 9th)
  • Christmas Carol Sing-A-Long with Mom and the Chuy's (December 12th)
  • Installed insulation with Derek on my house (December 17th)
  • Cookie making with the Chuy's (December 18th)
  • Vernal trip with Mom and Kyle (December 21st-23rd)
  • Visited Dinosaur National Monument with Mom and Kyle (December 22nd)
  • Christmas Eve at the Chuy's (December 24th)
  • Visited Arches National Park with Derek (December 30th)
  • Family pictures at the State Capital (December 31st)
  • Dinner with the family for Mom's birthday (December 31st)

(Instagram created this, they said that these are my top 12 from 2016...they are all from the last 4 months of the year so I am not sure how accurate it is)

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Blog Restart!

Facebook has this tab called "on this day" and they will show anything that you posted on that day through the years, yesterday there were several blog posts that I had posted several years ago. After looking at them it drew me to my blog and I realized that I hadn't posted anything on here since August 2015. That kind of killed me because I used to be so good at blogging and as much as I love looking back at pictures I love even more looking at them with some dialog of what had happened/been said (which is one reason why I love instagram but I also don't like to bog down instagram with multiple posts in one day). So I've decided that I want to start back up blogging again, I may not be very good or consistent (I may end up just doing a monthly dump post... Which if I'm being honest are not my favorite but they are better than nothing. So here is to a great 2017!