Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wedding Proposal

Someone twittered about this this morning, I thought that it was super cute...a guy used 550+ still photos to propose to his girlfriend...

Stop Motion Proposal from Kent Yunge on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Walk of Life

Tuesday night at Girls Camp I was asked to participate in the fireside, they were doing a walk of faith/walk to the tree of life. We began when it had turned dark, the girls were blindfolded and were put into groups of 10-14 and lined up on a rope. There was an adult leader at the front and another one in the back. I was asked to be at the end of one of the ropes.
We led the group through the dark forest and then around the lake, down a set of stairs, passed a group of tent moms who whispered things to the girls like "you suck, you're not going to make it, I don't even know why you are trying," anything to discourage the girls from continuing on. I was so impressed with our group, as soon as they heard the mom's whispering the discouraging things they began to sing "Walk Tall Your A Daughter," I wasn't sure if the leader at the front had started them or if they had started by themselves, I found out later that the girls had started it themselves- what a good feeling to know that the girls growing up are a strong group.
We then continued on to the great and spacious building where all the YL's were having a dance party and tried to get the girls to come and join them (they were allowed to take their blindfolds off when we stopped at the building), then we continued walking and passed another group where they tried to tempt them away from the rope (iron rod) to get snacks, and finally we arrived at the tree of life (how beautiful it was to around the corner and see the tree lit up with lights--I wasn't blindfolded so I was able to see it).
Some interesting perspectives that I was able to see as we were walking: it was interesting as we came around the corner and could hear the girls yelling, screaming, and playing music at the great and spacious building I realized that somethings in our life are very noticable and we are able to see/hear them coming long before we reach them, we are also able to notice if we let go of the iron rod. But also sometimes there are things that we cannot see/hear coming, that might take us away from the iron rod- like the holes in the ground as we were walking...we don't always know what is going to happen in our life. It was also amazing to watch the girls faces as they took off their blindfolds and noticed the lit up tree, Haley (one of the YL's) then passed out fruit to each of the girls and bore her testimony of the gospel and how important it can be in our lives.
I wasn't quite sure why I was helping but in the end I was so grateful that I had been asked to help, you can't always predict the spritual growth you will receive from helping.

Curls, Curls, Everywhere!

I got my hair cut today, this is mostly for Erin- she told me to put before and after pictures. The last time that I cut my hair was close to over 4 months ago and I finally decided that I was fed up and asked Jody at Hair Expressions if she could fit me in. Today was my day off and she had an opening, I am still trying to keep my length and grow it out to maybe half way down my back, Jody trimmed off the dead-ends and then gave it a little shape again. It is so interesting how different my hair looks from must this morning to this much healthier!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


The day Mom and I were returning to Oregon we were just finishing up packing all of my stuff into the van and were getting ready to head up to Salt Lake to meet Nathan so that he could take us to the airport. I was just about to climb into the driver seat when I looked up and saw Janene, my boss from the Clyde Building, her husband and son walking towards my house-they waved to me and told me to wait. They had come to say good-bye to me and bring me a gift and card from the crew that I had worked with.
It was so kind of them to come over and bring me a gift, I know that my boss felt bad about having to let me go, but I understand her position at the same time... I felt really blessed to have been able to work at the Clyde Building and work with the crew that I did. I will always remember the memories from working with them.

Monday, July 6, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding...The Reception

After pictures at the Temple I headed home with Mom and Momma G, Momma G had to get home to finish setting up for the reception and Mom and I just wanted to be home for a little bit before rushing off to the reception where we knew that we would be for several hours. The reception was held in the gym in the Newport church building, I helped decorate Thursday night and thought that it turned out beautiful and classy looking, with not too much.

After they had a short ring exchange ceremony (a lot of both of Brea's parents families are not LDS, they chose to have one so that their families could feel a little more part of the wedding.), they cut the cake that was beautifully decorated by someone from the stake. It was funny, on Thursday night Brea and Darrell "practiced" cutting the cake (there wasn't a cake there...they used a scarf in the shape of a circle :D) so that they could do it right during the reception.

After they cut the cake they had their first dance as a married couple, they had also practiced their dancing on Thursday night--they did many dances that I would have been afraid if Brea had done them in her wedding dress...luckily they didn't do them at the reception, but they did dance beautifully.


I told Darrell to warn me when he was going to dip her, so that I could catch it on camera...he wasn't very good at warning me but still somehow I caught a picture of it :D

Originally Brea wasn't going to dance with her Dad, but then when she finished her first dance with Darrell she convinced him to dance with her. It was fun to be able to watch one of my "second" Dads as he watched his little girl becoming a grown married woman.

When Brea and Darrell finished their single dance all the other couples from the ward started to dance also, it was kind of fun to watch all of these couples that I had grown up with as "the parents" generation let loose a little and dance with each other.

Brother and Sister Woolley, another set of adopted parents

One of Darrell's brothers dancing with his daughter

Another Darrell brother with his Mom...I couldn't believe how much Darrell and his brothers all looked alike.

The Cowies were fun...the little boys wouldn't really let their Mom and Dad dance by themselves.

The Mangums...ahh, how cute :D

This is almost what Brea and Darrell wante to would have been a little more difficult and scary with Brea in her wedding dress.

I love catching people in different expressions, you can see how happy Wanda is with the result of the day.

Me with the happy couple...we joked that it looks almost like Brea is trying to pull away from Darrell--I hope not they hadn't even completed Day 1 of marriage :D

The gift table

The sign-in table

A close up on the table...notice the beautiful page that Wanda made for people to sign-in on, it will go in the scrapbook that Brea made.

My Best Friend's Wedding...The Temple

A little over a week ago one of my best friends made the choice to be sealed for time and all eternity, what an opportunity to be part of her special day. I ended the day with some mixed feelings, I was so excited for Brea and Darrell but a little sad at the same time. These few pictures are from Mom's camera.

"The girls" (well minus Brea that is) feet... Lindsey W., Jessica, Leah, and I. I was kind of showing it but we were all wearing bracelets that Brea gave us the night before her wedding, her new sister-in-law made them for us.

Kimmy wearing her necklace that Brea's new sister-in-law made for her as the Maid of Honor.

Some fun pictures of the "siblings" Tyler, Kimmy, and Corbin.

Tyler and Corbin being brothers.

Corbin and his girlfriend Brittney, I didn't get to talk to her very much but she seemed really nice.

We were super excited that we were able to find dresses that all matched and that were pretty close to Brea's colors. Jessica's and Leah's are the same and mine is a little bit different...personally I like mine the best :D

Me sitting on the bench waiting for Brea and Darrell to come out of the Temple, it was about here that a little bit of my mixed feelings came out.

Christiana--the photographer and Leah waiting for the happy couple to come out.

A snap shot of me that Mom got.

Mandy was so fun to see her and see how much she has NOT changed, I can't believe that it has been so long since I have seen her.

The beautiful boutonnieres that Brea's aunt made...Brea's aunt did such a wonderfully job and the flowers were BEAUTIFUL!

Brea's bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquets.

Momma G talking with others while waiting for the couple.

Grandma Blankeship...the Grandma of the Happy Bride

Leah was lucky and got the assignment of putting the boutonnieres on all the brothers, dad's, and grandparents- it was very entertaining watching her try and do it...she was afraid that she was going to stab Corbin.

Kimmy watching as Momma G showed Leah how to put on the first boutonniere.

Tyler got to be the first victim that had his boutonniere on, Momma G kindly showed Leah and everyone else how to put them on correctly.

Another view of Tyler having his boutonniere put on...luckily no blood was drawn (this time) :D

(Kimmy probably will kill me for this picture :D)...Gran (Brea's Great Grandma) and Kimmy caught mid talking.

Oh how are we so lucky to catch these amazing pictures of Kimmy?

Grandad (Brea's Great Grandpa), her cousin, and Gran patiently waiting.

Leah, Lindsey and I pulling out the flowers getting ready to pass them out to everyone.

Leah...the only one that ever seems to notice that the camera is facing her.

The Mother of the Bride is coming...that means that they are COMING!

The first glimpse of them!

They are getting closer!

Oh they look so beatiful and happy!

Ahh...they kissed!

Look how beautiful and happy she is, seeing her makes it so real and makes me so happy for her.

Family pictures...I know how difficult it is to get them all together :D

Pictures with both sets of parents.

Before we left Mom wanted to take a couple pictures of me where she had taken Libbey's pre-mission pictures.