Monday, September 27, 2010

BYU vs. Nevada

Saturday afternoon Kyle and I were going to head up to the good ol' Wilk to watch the BYU vs. Nevada football game. About 20 minutes before it was set to start I receive a text from Kyle asking if I wanted to go watch the game at the stadium instead of at the Wilk, of course I jumped at the chance. He had randomly had someone instant message him and asked if he wanted tickets to the game, I guess the guy had gotten sick and 4 tickets, so he e-mailed Kyle the tickets and we were set. We invited Brea and Darrell (and Addilyn of course :D) to join us with the extra tickets. We got some pretty good seats, 13th row, on the end! Despite us losing it was a fun afternoon spent with friends and a couple thousand other fans.

What fun would a game be without pictures taken :D Brea and I

My big Bro and I. I have really enjoyed having Kyle in Provo with me...isn't is amazing how we can have a completely different relationship than when we were younger (when I would certainly would not have appreciated having him close)

The new Mama! Who would have thought that she would be taking Addilyn to her first football game when she was only 3 1/2 weeks old?

Brea and Darrell

Baby Addilyn, she was still waking up from her long nap (she is really good and can sleep through all the noise of the game)

It got really confusing for me at some points because Nevada was blue and white too!

Our seats were amazing besides this one part...we had the sun in our eyes the whole time! Amazingly though the next day I wasn't burnt as I thought that I would be.

I just think this picture is funny of Brea and her finger in the binky.


Cute baby Addilyn!

Of course I had to add another one :D

Monday, September 20, 2010

Good-Bye for Now

Several weeks ago Nathan and Sallee made a big move to San Diego, California. We were sad to see them go, but are excited for them and their new adventures, the chance to have a place to stay in California, and are better with the knowledge that we will see them for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
A couple of nights before they left we gathered for a dinner with everyone that was in the area. We ate at this super yummy Indian restaurant in Salt Lake.
With all of us there we took up 3 tables (with stuff on the benches on a 4th I believe)!
The view to the left of me...Ben, Sonia, and family at one table. Nathan, Sallee, Mom and I shared a table in the middle (so everyone could talk to Nathan and Sallee). It was a very relaxed dinner and fun to see everyone. Even though I live near-by everyone I don't always feel like I see people.

After dinner we walked to where Mom's and Libbey's cars were parked. Nathan ran to where his was parked first to grab Jacob's car seat (as they had brought Jacob to the restaurant). I looked up to see Nathan running towards us with the car seat in one hand and Jacob in the other. He got to us and explained that as they were part way there Jacob stopped and said "Nathan, I can't go any further...I ran out of gas!"
Grandma and baby Claire...who is becoming less and less of a baby!

A close-up of the cutie-pie, who that night they decided looked more like a Mathews...Sallee said that she has the Mathews' "eyebrows."

Jacob playing in the water...he managed to get himself very wet by the end.




Nathan and Sallee walking away :(

Jacob wanted to follow them, so Uncle Kyle had to go grab him and bring him back to where we were standing and waving good-bye.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Cambodia- the Hotel!

I would have to say that as of now this is the fanciest place that I have ever stayed.

The pool

Looking at the balcony's of the rooms from the poolside.

Our funky are those wholes?

A close-up at the key with the name of where we were saying.

Another view of the pool.

One part of the lobby


The cool lights in the lobby.

Andrea waiting for the others to come downstairs.

The clocks with the different times.

All the water bottles that Andrea and I had collected together by the end of the week.

We got two new ones everyday from the hotel!

The entrance to our bathroom.

The bathtub.

The shower.

Our closet with included safe.

Looking into our room from the door.

Another view of the water bottles (fridge underneath).

Our beds...super comfy beds!

Everything packed up, ready for us to go home.

A beautiful painting on the wall beside me bed.

Sitting chairs and little table.

Balcony doors.

View from our balcony.

The other direction.

Looking down to the entrance to the hotel.

The welcome sign.