Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Battle Wound

Last night I went to FHE at my singles ward (my first activity with them besides going to church on Sundays). They had a BBQ and then we were playing games, one of the games was volleyball (and of course I played!). Someone had the smart (NOT!) idea of filling the volleyball pit with gravel and a little bit of sand (who does that?). On top of it being stupid to have gravel it was dry and really hard to stand on. Things were going lovely when I dived for the ball and received this beautiful burn! It's rather painful and made sleeping last night not very much fun.

Life After Winter

There is really time after Winter!! The sun and summer are finally here and are showing themselves in full force. Last week I spent the shift outside at the bumper boats...with sunscreen applied and I still ended the day with a lovely V on my neck and some sweet lines on my feet from my shoes.


I bought some new shoes last week and they made their debut on Sunday...they are yellow, super cute, totally different than my normal style and I love them!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to Eat a Pancake...Candace Style!

A couple of weeks ago Candace and Anna came over on Friday night, we went to Trafalga and played a couple of activities and then watched a movie---it was super fun to have a sleepover with my roommates. Saturday morning I made pancakes for breakfast and couldn't believe that I hadn't taken any pictures yet, so of course I had to get the camera out and take some. Candace was a great model :D

A Non-Birthday Present!

Yesterday in the mail I received a present! (and it's not even my birthday :D) It was a new camera for me that I had bought...I was a little more than excited to have it come. One of the blogs that I read last week offered her camera for sale and I couldn't pass up the deal, so now I am the owner of a Canon Rebel XT!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

It WAS Real Good...

This past week I made some yummy Funfetti Cupcakes. Brea, Darrell, and Addie stopped by a little while after I had finished making and decorating them. I had placed them back in the muffin pan on the counter when we were done eating some of them. Brea and I were standing in the kitchen talking when all of a sudden there was a big clank, I looked down on the ground to see the muffin pan upside down on the floor and Addie with a handful of frosting. Brea said that she had felt her grabbing a pan but assumed it was the other one and had pushed it away but she was wrong when Addie really wanted the frosting/cupcake. She is such a stinker...good thing she is a cute stinker!

She really wanted those cupcakes and was not too pleased when Brea took them away from her. (she was even willing to eat paper just to get a bite :D)

A Froggy Princess

A month ago Mom and I got to go to my niece Sarah's dance recital...it was super cute and fun! They danced to a song from The Princess and The Frog. Starting out as frogs and then part way through switched to princesses. They were all super cute, but as I'm biased I would definitely say that Sarah was the cutest (;D)! I was so proud of her and the obvious work that she had put in to be prepared. Way to go Sarah!

When I Grow Up

When I was little my Mom would always sing the song "When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Mother" to me, I loved that song (I may have loved to walk around the house singing it at the top of my lungs) and really it was something that I took to heart (for it was and still is what I want to be). Going to things like this dance recital are just a renewal of that desire to be a Mom...how proud the parents must have been of all these little girls (and a few boys too)! I could just feel the love for the children in the room and the desire of the children to have their parents proud and excited for them.