Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Fun in a Cake

Somehow all of my interactions with Candace and Anna involve food (it IS a great world :D) I had a Friday off and sort of invited myself down to their place to play and have fun. Candace was awesome and made a super yummy pineapple upside down cake (I'm not sure I had even had that before), we watched a movie, talked tons, played some cards, slept, went shopping, and had just as much as ever. I love these two girlies and am so grateful they were my roommates this last year and that we can still keep up the friendship!

Candace making sure the product was going to be good :) (or maybe just cleaning out the bowl)

I'm not sure with Anna (of course we never are)

Candace with the CAKE!

The beautiful finished product :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Three A's and Their Mamas

January 2010:
A very exciting month, I was talking on skype with one of my best friends while I was in Taiwan when she dropped a bombshell on me...she was pregnant! (I know it probably shouldn't have been a huge bombshell for me but I hadn't really put 2 and 2 together that now my friends were getting married they could also get pregnant and have babies).
A couple of days later I got an e-mail from another best friend that she was pregnant too!
I told my sister about both of my best friends being pregnant...she had a secret that she didn't share with me for another couple of weeks. She was pregnant too!
Fast forward to August 2010:
I get a very exciting text on August 24 Erin had had her baby...a little girl!
A week later (exactly- the 31st) I get another call/text (while out celebrating my niece Sarah's birthday) from Brea that she was at the hospital, her water had broke. As soon as I was able I caught the bus to Provo to be there and part of when she had her baby...a little girl!
Now as Brea kind of barely slipped into August with her baby being born there was no chance of Libbey having hers too. Originally all 3 had been due in September, Erin towards the beginning, Brea more middle, and Libbey the end of the month. Erin and Brea had theirs early and Libbey came late with an October baby (yeah we get to share birthday months!)

I found out their names and instantly loved them and the little girls which they belonged to...

It's not very often that we have all 3 together so when we were all at Seven Peaks we of course had to take pictures (in order, youngest on left, oldest on right)

Ones with Mommies are always good too!

I love these 3 Little A's and their Mamas and am so happy of the part that I get to have in their lives!
Libbey, Brea, and Erin I have many, many more pictures of them and you guys if you want copies just let me know :)

Fun On A Wave

One of the perks of working at Trafalga is that I get to have a free Pass of All Passes which includes getting to go to Seven Peaks as many times as I would like to without having to pay. I also get some free day passes to share with friends and family. Two weeks ago when Kyle was here I had Friday off and we decided to go to Seven Peaks. We invited Libbey and kids plus my friends Erin and Brea (plus their babies). We all met up and had a comfortable spot in the shade and had a fun day until it was nap time and time for work.

Allisyn all ready to hit the water again (she even had the sunscreen out and ready for someone to help her :D)...P.S. that swimsuit she is wearing? I gave it to "her" the day after she was born.

Erin looking all cute and smiley. I missed her so much while they were in New York and it was so much fun to see her again and catch up.

Addie-Bug, poor baby we accidently put the wrong sunscreen on her and with the water it got into her eyes...they were a little red :(
Kyle, it was kind of a long day for him---he had some dental work done a few days before that and was a little bit drugged up.


Allisyn was so funny! I had brought a bag of goldfish to share with everyone, it was in my lap and I kept on giving her a couple at a time. I looked away for a few seconds and looked back to find the bag was out of my lap and in hers instead. The best part was at the beginning she would just sit and watch as Lexie and Addie would get goldfish out of the bag but she quickly got over her "shyness" and grabbed them herself :)

My HOTT sister :)

Jacob got a little cold every time after they got out of the water. Good thing he had Aunt Lily to help warm and dry him up.

Our "spot." I hadn't realized how much space we were taking up until we all got up to leave.

We took some pictures of the girls all together and their moms as soon as they were done Addie and Alli decided that they wanted to walk down to me.

We went on the lazy river and both Addie and Alli fell asleep...if only my life was that easy.

Arrrggg Me Matey's

August 2nd is my nephew Jacob's birthday...he turned 5 (how did that happen??!!) I can't believe that is he getting so big! This year Jacob got to have a friend party and Libbey went all out with awesomeness for him! It was a pirate party and so much fun :)

When they first got there they got to make pirate hats and eye-patches (with special help from Uncle Nathan and Grandma).

Even little Lexie got to have her own pirate hat.

Lib made a cute ship cake, the cupcakes had things like sharks, treasure chests, and other cool stuff on them.

There was an awesome story they got to hear (written a couple of months ago by the birthday boy himself).


They had to walk across the plank to the pirate ship.

The ship had a hole and was quickly filling up with water, the pirates had to race to save their ships and other pirates.

There was even a treasure map!

Of course there had to be some front jumping (love the smile on Claire's face)

You couldn't have a post and not have a cute picture of Miss Lexie :)

Searching for the treasure (Libbey even had a treasure chest full of the candy bags buried in the sandbox---sorry the pictures are on my Mom's camera).

It was such a fun party and the kids had a blast...a sign of a good party :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lunch of Awesomeness!

Something that amazes me is that even though we don't all see each other everyday or all talk all the time whenever we get together it's like we haven't been apart. I love that we continually are a part of each others lives and that I will always have friendships from growing up. Lindsey was visiting from Idaho and so we all joined up for lunch in Orem. It was Mandy and Jamie's suggestion--a really yummy, cheap Mexican restaurant, we all felt like we were back at Mazatlan in Newport.

Mandy and Jamie...I can't believe that they have almost been married a year---oh how time flies!

The bros--Darrell and Clark

Cutie-pie Addie who thought she was one of the big kids and felt that she should be part of it all.

Lindsey and I...her hair looks awesome with the new color and extensions!

What under Addie, Brea, and I looked like as we were getting up from the table.

The whole group...Darrell, Clark, Jamie, Mandy, even Lance joined us, Lindsey, I, Addie, and Brea!