Tuesday, December 7, 2010

N. Mexico Domination

The 20th of November BYU had a double day---basketball (against Chicago State) and football (against New Mexico). Kyle, Ben, and I decided to make a day of it and go to both games.

As we were walking up to the game we bought some tickets from guy on the sidewalk trying to sell some...and would you believe that they were on the 2nd row endzone!!?? I know that not all people feel those are the best seats because then you are REALLY close and can't see a lot, but I still felt special and cool :D

It was an AWESOME game! A little cold but the sun came out for awhile and it wasn't too bad.

We saw Cosmo more than a couple of times.

We were really close to the cheerleaders when they would run around when we scored (the guy holding the U...he was in my freshman ward and he even threw me a shirt at one point---now that's enough to feel special :D).

This almost looks like a professional! Only because it is so close and you can see the details, never thought that, that would be something that I could say about my photography.

Though it wasn't too cold there was definitely some wind, look how straight those flags are!

The players telling us that we should be clapping and cheering.

My roommate works concessions and I went to visit her during halftime :D

I don't know why, but every time I see this it cracks me up "Brides have them...Babies have them...Now missionaries have one too! The Missionary Registry."

Kyle and I (he is wearing my hat :D)

Ahh much better


He jumped into the crowd! I've never been even close to something like that.

Did I mention that we won? Final Score...40-7! (we also won basketball ball! 109-60!)

Oh another thing...did I mention that we were on TV? Yeah that's right! There was several people standing beside us that were dressed up rather silly, they won some kind of drawing about being the best fan or something like that and they also caught the attention of the reporter from the mtn and with like 8 minutes to go of the game she came over and climbed up into the stands with us and did a little bit of talking and then we all got to cheer. I had many people tell me that they saw me!
I didn't think that I would get to see it but the Tuesday after the game Brea and I had gone shopping and we had stopped at Taco Time to get some food and I was walking towards the bathroom when I looked up at the TV, I realized that it was the game and stopped to tell Brea that it was the game. Just as I was telling her I popped up on the TV! I actually recognized my hat on Kyle before I recognized myself but it was still awesome to be there at the exact moment when they were showing it.

Monday, December 6, 2010

I Love To See The Temple

The Temple is a glorious building by itself, but added lights at night make it just seem like it is radiating. I love the immediate feeling of the Spirit that I have as I step onto Temple Square and Sunday evening was nothing different. Despite the hundreds (possibly even thousands) of people that were walking with me you could still tell that it was a special place that has been dedicated to the work of the Lord.

The Spirit of Christmas

Yesterday in Relief Society both of these clips were shown, both reminding us what the true Spirit of Christmas is.

Matching this song with this clip was extremely powerful, the teacher yesterday reminded us to not only think about the birth of Christ but also all that he would do in his life, the sacrifices that he would make and the love that he had for all of us.

Who better to remind us of the true Spirit of CHRISTmas than a Child. What a great reminder and knowledge to know the true meaning.

And in case you missed the First Presidency Christmas Devotional last night please take an opportunity to watch (or re-watch) it. It was a beautiful message with a great reminder of what we should be doing this Christmas Season. You can find it HERE

Christmas Cards Season

It's that time of year again...everyone is getting together their Christmas Cards and Letters together (some are even on top of the ball and already have them enveloped and sent).
You may not have heard of this awesome thing that Shutterfly is currently doing...all I have to do is blog about this and I will get 50 FREE Cards! How cool is that?
I hadn't originally planned on sending out cards this year, last year I bought them and they were so big it looked like I loved myself just a little too much (:D) but last night my roommates and I were taking some roommie pictures when we had one that we thought would be perfect for a Christmas card. I liked the idea of sending them out as roommates and figured why not.
Just at quick glance I have found several card ideas that I like...

Just to show a couple.
If you haven't worked with shutterfly before you should try it out, it is a really simple website and they have tons of beautiful designs for fairly inexpensive.
Also...if you want to get your own 50 free cards check it out HERE!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Turkey Day 2010

Thanksgiving this year was amazing, the only thing that could have possibly made it better is if Joel, Becky, and Aubrey had been there with us. Last year I was at home and it was just Mom and I, we went to the ward Thanksgiving dinner and then I worked part of the day so that I could get more money. Two years ago I was in Taiwan, so it has been three years since I've had a "real" Thanksgiving.
Nathan, Sallee, and Claire flew in from California and Mom hosted everyone at her house. It was one fun, crazy day with food to be cooked, dishes to be prepared, many different conversations going on, babies to play with, kids running around, food to be eaten, cleaning to be done, etc. but I loved everything about it and was so glad to have much of my family together.

Before the rush of the day began we started with a nice breakfast

Boys will be boys, there were many different "games" to distract them throughout the day (whether it be an Aunts phone, Uncles phone, or gameboy)

Many smiles to be seen! :D

Talking to be done, catching up with those you have seen in a couple of months or a couple of days.

It was so neat the many different "branches" of our family we were able to have join in the fun...besides my siblings and their families we also had my Grandma (Mom's Mom), my brother-in-laws Sisters and Boyfriend, and a cousin from my Dad's side of the family.

You can't get all together without some tickles and loving happening :)

Babies to be rocked...this was Sallee's and Nathan's first time to see baby Alexia.

Getting ready to take a nap...aren't her eyes gorgeous?

Not only did little babies take naps but so did the cousins :D

Ben, Sonia, and Katrina sitting around the table during the "serious" eating time.

Katrina, I can't believe that this little girl is not so little anymore and is going to be 10 in March---a double digit!

Samuel being his silly old self, he came in and surprised us all with his two front teeth missing. Needless to say he got "All I Want For Christmas" sang to him several times.

Madelaine, one of our beautiful adopted sisters.

The remains of the food, I'm not used to having so many different families join in on the fun so by the time we divided up the food there wasn't actually that many remains.

One of the tables...Grandma, Mom, Nathan, Sallee, LaVon, Kyle, and Erick. It was a new experience having to have two tables for everyone. It took some thinking on Mom's and my part to get it all ready and have enough seats.

A cool shot of Kyle with the sunlight on him.

Sara, a very smart and silly girl.

LaVon sneaking a smile without anyone else realizing that I was taking a picture.

My beautiful Mommy, I hope that I have as beautiful skin and hair as her when I get older!

Lily, another adopted sister and her boyfriend Ben (we are all cheering for him to join the family soon :D)

Erick being himself...I have many pictures with this almost exact face. He always takes off his glasses when he realizes that I am taking a picture and then makes this face.

Cute little Claire, it is amazing how much she has changed in the last 3 months since I saw her last. I loved watching her expressions and hearing the sounds she makes.

The piano with the headphones became a favorite of several little girls.

Sam and Uncle Nate, styling in the red, white, and blue.

Half way through the evening we realized that Kyle, Libbey, and LaVon were all wearing the same colored shirt and when we realized it they were all sitting on the couch together.

The only picture taken of me as I was taking all of the pictures, Erick was trying to take it but he needed some help so I actually ended up taking it :D

Samuel, so handsome in his khaki pants and button-up shirt.

Another little girl content playing the piano.

Nathan and Sallee...our cutest newlyweds (:D considering it's almost been 3 years not quite newlyweds but they are the most recent to get married)

Claire with Tia Lily, so cute!

Hanging around just chatting.

Another angle