Sunday, August 22, 2010

CD1 - Lunch

I will be labeling each post as C (for Cambodia) D (Day) # (For what day I am talking about) - Topic (what I am blogging about in this post). It will be too confusing if I label each as Cambodia---blah, blah so that is why I will be doing CD# -

We had assumed at the beginning that our group was going to be pretty big, because when we think tour groups we think lots of people with awesome clothes, big sunglasses, and huge old fashioned cameras. But we kept looking around the whole gate and couldn't find anyone with the same tag as us. Finally when we got off the airplane in Cambodia we stood to the side hoping that someone would come up to us, finally someone did, she introduced herself as Sophia and told us that there were only 5 of us in the group. We quickly found the other two girls and went inside to find our group leader. For some reason the other 3 seemed to have a lot of other paperwork that we had never been given, but it didn't seem to be too much of a concern of the group leader (oh something that we quickly discovered---he knew pretty much NO ENGLISH!!! They assumed that since we were coming from Taiwan that we must be Taiwanese and as such speak Chinese...WRONG! Luckily the 3 girls in the group knew enough English that we were comfortable for the trip).
After going through customs our first stop was lunch!
When we first sat down at the table this guy came around and put ice cubes in our cups for us if we wanted them...look at the size of the cubes! Then came the delicious food! They kept putting plate after plate of food onto the lazy Susan and boy were none of us complaining :D

Andrea after finishing (we didn't even eat a portion of the food!)
Look at that yumminess--you should be proud to know that I even ate fish at this lunch.
After lunch we all had to use the little girls room. I thought these signs were really cool and my Mom always likes to take the pictures of bathroom signs, so I took these for her :D

The sitting area in the hotel where we ate lunch. We were hoping that we were staying here but we ended up somewhere else that was just as nice.

They had these really pretty things all around the lobby and in the bathroom.

As there was only two stalls in the bathroom we had to take turns going to the bathroom, so what did we do while we waited our turn? Took pictures of course :D

Cambodia--the Adventure!

Can you believe it's been almost two months since I went to Cambodia? And I haven't even begun to cover it (and believe me there is a lot of covering to do!)...ahhh!! But it starts now, I accidentally left my book with all of my journal notes at my Mom's house, so for now I'm just going to start adding pictures and then when I get the book I will add the journaling.

Do you see that TV? Do you see what the destination is? Yep, it's in CAMBODIA!! Like I totally went there :D
Look how happy we are despite having already been up for several hours and being a little nervous about finding our group.

Yeah we had already been awake for several hours by this time. I think we had to be at the airport by 6:30ish and had to leave an hour before that from the apartment where we were staying.
Our first glance at the airport! Isn't is beautiful?
Our airplane that we walked from...isn't that crazy that we had to walk inside from the airplane? There were only 3 gates in the airport.
So beautiful!
I so want to ride one of those! (and I do later :D)
Siem Reap International Airport! Welcome to CAMBODIA!
Really cool statue leaving the airport.
Andrea modeling the cool hat and scarfs that we got.
The strings on my hat were a little short so I didn't end up wearing it very often.
Really interesting detail though.

The Door That Never Opened

All my growing up there were 7 different doorways that went off of our very short hallway...
1. My Mom's craft room
2. The Bathroom
3. My Parent's bedroom
4. Stairs going to the 3rd floor
5. Stairs going to the basement
6. Dining Room entrance
7. For those that have been to my house they might have trouble figuring out what #7 could possibly be, I've listed all of them. Ahh but you are wrong, on the wall between the hallway and living room there is a door! But this door had never been opened in my whole life due to the fact that we had bookshelves, desks, and a couple of other things in the way. When we had cleared everything away from the living room and hallway I was quite excited to open the door and I enjoyed showing people how you could now run in a circle around my house (which is why my Mom said it got shut in the first place, my older brother's Ben and Nathan would run in circles and it got annoying very fast so she stopped the problem). Before we left my Mom wanted to take a video of me running in a circle through the house, I apologize that it is sideways.

Capital Reef National Park

Even though Jacob fell asleep I didn't want to waste driving out there, so I stopped and took some pictures. Some better than others :D

*There are many more but I didn't want you to get sick of them and if ever you have the chance to go you wouldn't want to have seen it all in pictures.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Since starting my blog in March 2008, July was the first month that I didn't have at least one posting in. I'm not sure what to do with that information, whether I should feel awesome that in March it will have been 3 years since I'm blogging or a little concerned at the fact that I pay attention to details like that :D
Ok now it is really good-night.

Spring Break

The 2nd piece of paper that I found has the title "What I Didn't Do During Spring Break." at the top, I'm sure that I wrote it for something and it goes along the lines of many other stories but it still made me laugh.

What I Didn't Do During Spring Break

"Hey Beth, how as your Spring Break? What did you do?"
"Well, my Spring Break was great but can we go with something that is not so traditional maybe like what I didn't do?"
"Okay Beth, what didn't you do during Spring Break?"
"Well, I didn't go visit my Grandma in Tibet."
"Why didn't you go visit your Grandma in Tibet?"
"O, for not big reason."
"I didn't go because my Grandma left Tibet."
"She left Tibet, why?"
"O, because of her house."
"Her house? What was wrong with it?"
"Not much besides it was burning."
"Okay, why was it burning?"
"It was burning because of my Uncle."
"You Uncle? What did he do?"
"Had the Russians bomb her house."
"Why did he do that?"
"Because he was mad at my Grandma."
"Why was he mad at your Grandma?"
"He was mad at her because my Grandma didn't send him any cookies at Christmas time."
"No cookies, how come?"
"Because my Grandma stayed with them during Christmas and made them lots of cookies."
"And that is why you didn't go visit your Grandma in Tibet?"
"Yet, and just like I said before there was no big reason why I didn't go visit my Grandma."

Ahh the super professional writing of when I was younger (not that I'm making many promises that it has improved much since).
I now bid adieu as I am going to bed, I hope to get back on the saddle as they say soon and start blogging and catching up on the many things that have happened in the last month plus. I miss the familiarity of blogging and the joy it brings, but for now I much go to bed.

Flag Cheers

It's 11:38 and night and instead of getting ready for bed I'm going through stuff I brought from my Mom's house in Lehi. In between things I found these two funny pieces of papers. One of the papers had flag cheers...
At girls camp we would have opening flag and closing flag every day and for roll call it was your groups responsibility to come up with a cute little cheer. My year was quite well known for coming up with really good years, I generally tried to write every single one down but wasn't always good about it. Anyway these are from my 2nd year of camp :D

(Sung to Take Me Out to a Ball Game)
Take me out to Camp Alpine.
Take me out with my friends.
Buy me capris and a 1 piece suit.
For my heart sister I've got great loot.
For it's root, root, for the tent Moms.
If they don't sleep it's a shame.
For it's hiking, swimming, and certification
at Camp Alpine!

(Sung to I Hope They Call Me on a Mission)
I hope I find a missionary.
When I have grown a foot or two.
I hope by then I will be ready.
To live, and serve, and work as happy couples do.

I hope that he will be really handsome.
And always know to choose the right.
I want to be his perfect wife.
And serve through out his life.

My Mom she's hoping for grandchildren.
My Dad just hopes that he's employed.
I hope that he will be really dreamy.
And be my strong, and happy, every loving guy.

(Sung to Book of Mormon Stories---I apologize, this one doesn't really make that much sense anymore, I'm sure it did at the time)
Book of Girls camp stories
Came from far across the land.
All about the YL's and their ozzy, oy, oy plans.
They didn't expect that the 2nd years would rule.
We are cool
And we Rule

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Good Ol' Bicknell!

Several weeks ago Libbey asked me if I wanted to join her and Jacob on a "business trip," I would be going and watching Jacob while she was at work. It sounded fun for me and I didn't have any other responsibilities yet, so I said that I would join her. We headed past Provo to a small place called Bicknell, UT...for those who've always thought that Toledo was small you haven't seen anything yet until you've been to Bicknell. I believe that the whole county is smaller than Toledo, but I could be wrong.
We went up Tuesday afternoon, grabbed some dinner, went swimming, watched a movie and then went to bed.
Wednesday Libbey had to go to work, so we all ate breakfast together and then she headed out. Jacob and I went swimming for awhile but then he really wanted to go back to the room so that he could watch Aladdin again (he had watched it for the first time the night before and really wanted to watch it again). So we watched Aladdin and then it was time for lunch. We all went to a diner (where they serve black bean pie? Sounds disgusting to me!) and then we took Libbey back to the clinic where she was working.
I had read some about the Capitol Reef National Park, how it was supposed to be really beautiful and that you could even pick fresh fruit. I thought that it sounded pretty cool and so we headed up there (Jacob got even more excited when he was told that there might be some horses that he could feed).
We were about 3 minutes from the visitors center when I looked back and saw this:

It kind of had made me laugh because Libbey had thought that he should be tired but he wasn't acting like it, but the moment I was silent and stopped talking to him for a few minutes he zonked out. I finally found where you could pick the fruit, it wasn't free like the brochure had said it would be and you had to park and walk into where you picked the fruit- I didn't really want to leave Jacob in the car by himself so I decided to just drive around and take some pictures of the area before it was time to head back and pick up Libbey. What a gorgeous place...I wouldn't mind going back sometime and camping or staying in a log cabin.