Sunday, June 5, 2011

It WAS Real Good...

This past week I made some yummy Funfetti Cupcakes. Brea, Darrell, and Addie stopped by a little while after I had finished making and decorating them. I had placed them back in the muffin pan on the counter when we were done eating some of them. Brea and I were standing in the kitchen talking when all of a sudden there was a big clank, I looked down on the ground to see the muffin pan upside down on the floor and Addie with a handful of frosting. Brea said that she had felt her grabbing a pan but assumed it was the other one and had pushed it away but she was wrong when Addie really wanted the frosting/cupcake. She is such a stinker...good thing she is a cute stinker!

She really wanted those cupcakes and was not too pleased when Brea took them away from her. (she was even willing to eat paper just to get a bite :D)

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