Monday, November 28, 2011

Day of Thanks 2011

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, as most people I have much to be thankful for this year. We had a fun dinner with Libbey, Erick and their, my Grandma, a second cousin (?--I never remember the technical name of our relationship...our Mom's are cousins), Erick's sister, my Mom and I.

Camilla knitting while waiting for the dinner to start.

Erick carving the turkey, the Chuy's were awesome and cooked it for us.

My lovely Mommy

Ah aint she a beautiful sight.

My Grandma...92 and going strong!

Little Lexie Lou


Look at all that yummy turkey

Camilla always makes the best rolls (it's kind of become a family dinner tradition)

Stuffing and rice

Mashed Potatoes!! It makes the dinner complete (my favorite--I kind of feel that turkey is the side-dish and mashed potatoes are the main course)

My Mom's famous salad--broccoli, grapes, nuts, onions, and a yummy dressing

Spinach salad

Because I know where Mom is it almost looks like she is going to throw the butter away.

What you get when I am taking all of the family pictures.



Can-can, can you do the can-can?

Half of the food and table setting

Jacob..what can you say? ;)

Lexie had her first Thanksgiving...she ate too much and was just a little tuckered out.

Lexie knows where the good are at :)

Thanksgiving was a delicious gathering and as usual we ate too much :)
The evening ended with us gals going shopping at 9:30 and not coming home again until 3:30AM! I used to love all the black Friday shopping but it's definitely not my favorite as much anymore. It was still fun being with the girls (we even introduced Katrina to the event and she loved it).
Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving and Beginning of the Christmas Season! Love You All!!!

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