Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We Built This City On Hills

First day destination was Catalina Island, CA...isn't it gorgeous? Because the port was small and not very deep they had to anchor the ship still out in the water and we would take little boats into the island. I have a strange dislike of small boats--not that I don't know how to swim (the opposite actually- I love water and swimming) but I hate little boats because I feel like I have no control over what is going on and that the boat is going to tip. It was a fun day, Sonia and I went shopping! while everyone else went geocaching and exploring. Sonia bought a beautiful ring and I found a flower hairclip that matches the color and style perfectly of a shirt that I purchased a couple of months ago. I also bought another souvenir but it has been used and is gone. Because of naps everyone else headed back to the ship but Mom and I spent a little more time shopping, she bought one of those floppy hats in a purple color-love, I can't wait until this summer when she can wear it while doing her gardening :) 

Meeting back up after we had done some shopping and they had done geocaching.


They had these awesome looking "caramel" apples, I hope this fall to copy some of their ideas (and hopefully not pay as much as they were charging for them).

Dinner for Tuesday night was fancy night, it was fun to get a little more dressed up than normal. We figured out that we should all have a meeting spot to gather before dinner so that we could go in together and be sure to sit with each other. We picked the library as our gathering spot. Some of us got there a little early so they picked up the board games and played a little until everyone was there.

Uncle Kyle taught Jacob how to play chess while we were waiting and he loved it, he even asked Kyle to go back and play with him after dinner.

Look at that beautiful girl-- she is getting so big (will be 11 next month!)

It cracks me up, they were sitting in the exact same pose.

So serious and concentrated on what he is doing.

Our family took the dressing-up serious, unlike this girl behind Jacob that is dressed with a lace shirt and you can see her bra underneath.

Such a silly Claire, she was showing her belly button.

Yeah our first towel animal! I was more than a little excited/happy when I came back to our room after dinner and found this on my bed.

Oops these are in the wrong spot but I'm too lazy to move them--getting ready!

I straightened my hair and then Libbey did it for me...I'm wearing the flower that I bought in Catalina.

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