Sunday, May 20, 2012

Whoopy Brea--Look Who's 23!

Way back in February my bestie turned 23! Where has time gone that we haven't gotten that old (I was talking with my Mom tonight about how close I'm getting to be a quarter of a century, to be honest not that excited about it). 
Brea and Darrell hosted a fun party at their house, it was fun to get together with all our Newport friends, we live so close but because of life we don't get to see each other all the time. 

I was in charge of the drink and because I've cut back on soda I wanted to a drink that didn't include any, I found this really yummy lemonade- it must have been a hit because the whole bowl got brought into the living room where we were eating. 

Probably the best picture of the whole night, Leah was trying to tell Addie to be a monkey and I caught in on camera :)

Look at those cute pregnant bellies, crazy that they both have had their babies now and that Abby is two months old and Carson is a month old!

You would have thought that it was Addie's party with all the attention that she gets :)

At one point Addie disappeared into her room and shut the door, Brea and Kimmy were trying to see what she was doing in there by herself.

Brea has become quite the master at making awesome and delicious ice cream cakes.

Kimmy kept clipping the hairbow on Addie's nose and then it would fall off, Addie thought it was the most funny thing in the world and kept on bringing it back to her so she could do it again. 

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