Monday, November 19, 2012

life...summarized in lots of words

I'm already at work but it doesn't start for 30 minutes so I thought that I would give a very quick skimmed over version of what is happening in my life, actually this was an e-mail that I sent out to my family a week or so ago that I'm just copying. :)

A couple of months ago I received the calling to be in the ward choir. I wasn't terribly excited about going but I've been going because I was supposed to. For the last month or so we were working on a version of Battle Hymn of the Republic when the ward was split and our sheet music went with the choir director to the other ward.  Our new director wanted to still try and sing it so we kind of again just using the hymnal. On the last verse he wanted two sopranos to hit a high F for a couple of notes, it was determined that I could do it (ahhh scary). The day came that we were supposed to sing, only I and two other altos showed up for practice, they still wanted to try and sing it (double scary!!) but I hadn't realized it was that Sunday and had to leave right after practice for a mission farewell and there was no way they were going to sing it with only two people. So that is my story of almost singing solo-ish!

It's been a couple of weeks since but my birthday happened. Strangely I wasn't super excited about my birthday this year and I didn't really have any plans when the day started. I woke up and went to class (good job me :D). When I was on my way home from class Kyle called, he and I had a lovely chat until after I got home. When I got home Mom was getting ready to go to the Temple, we talked for a bit and then she left. I was reading and then decided to actually get ready for the day, while I was getting ready my friend Derek texted me and asked me what I was doing for my birthday, I told him nothing and he asked are  going to lunch, I said nope, he asked if I had eaten, I said nope and then he said he was coming to get me to take me to lunch. He took me to lunch at Los Hermanos, a Mexican restaurant in Lindon, my friend Kayla came and met us there when she got off work, of course they told our waiter that it was my birthday so they sang to me...luckily there weren't that many people in the restaurant. When we were done eating we went to Derek's house to see his cute puppies (that were only a few weeks old). Our other friend Tiana had her wisdom teeth removed that day so we got ice cream and dropped it off at her house. By the time we got home from going to Tiana's house it was almost dinner time, Mom, Kayla, and I went to Draper and met Leah and Libbey at the mall for some fun wandering around the mall and dinner at Texas Roadhouse (my first time being there--yummy). Again they told the waiter that it was my birthday and they had this saddle thing you sat on and sang to you (you can check facebook for some lovely pictures of that if you would like). As it was Friday night it wasn't quite as empty as the restaurant had been at lunch, and there were at least 4 other people that got sang to in the tables around us. After dinner we all came home, Mom had bought me some cheesecake, I was a little full so didn't really want some because I was extremely full still from dinner. Kayla and I took some to Derek at work and then we played arcades for awhile and afterwards went to Wal Mart so Kayla could find her presents for my favorites party. We didn't come home from Wal Mart until almost 2! All in all it was a great birthday, especially since I had woken up with no plans whatsoever :)

The Sunday after my birthday I had my second annual favorites party. It was lots of fun, there was 12 of us total. This year I gave a pack of some of my favorite recipes and then the unique spices that go with each of them. Last year I invited everyone to bring a favorite desert and this year we did dips instead, Leah brought this super yummy simple one that I will have to share later with everyone. I will hopefully getting to blogging about this eventually so you can see the pictures and the different things that people brought, it is always fun to see what different people bring and how they fit their personalities. 

Big news at work! My boss (the food manager) Shawnn quit almost a month ago! Because of that I'm on "trial" for his job. It is nice to finally be noticed and appreciated for all the work that I have put into Trafalga but also a little nerve-wracking as Shawnn's boss Lance had also quit a couple of weeks before him so I'm having to kind of double prove myself to the new corporate foods manager. So far the only real big changes I've seen is that I deal with payroll and shift pay problems, I'm still doing scheduling and I'm back to doing ordering again (which we used to do when we were lead cooks--before I was kitchen supervisor).

This year for Halloween I decided to be adventurous and went to 3 different haunted houses. I also discovered something about myself, thinking about them I freak myself out but when I actually go through them I'm not terribly scared. The weekend before Halloween I went to 2 houses with my friends Kayla and Ashlee, the first one was at Provo Towne Center and was terrible, the second was Castle of Chaos and it was so much better-- funny thing is the part that scared me was where they had a gun that shot pockets of air. Halloween night I came home from class (my teacher let us out over an hour early, yahoo!), I felt bad because I didn't have any candy to hand out and Mom was out of town so I didn't really want to sit at home and I wanted to see the kidlets dressed up so I went over to visit Ben and Sonia and family. Sonia was out front handing out candy, while she did that I got to hold a very cute bumble-bee. I visited a bit with the family, talked to the kids when they got back from trick or treating and then went and met some of my friends at work. Derek, Andre, Elisabeth, Caleb, and I headed up to Salt Lake to go to the Fear Factory. It was pretty awesome! Even better was Derek found a coupon online so we all got in cheaper! I had lots of great conversations with the actors (and got told 2 or 3 times that I was weird--not sure if was because I wasn't scared or because of the things I said, who knows :D). I've discovered that you should not do haunted houses in dresses (I was wearing my gypsy costume). One of the best parts was after the house when we were walking out, we were walking away from the gates when all of a sudden a hula-hoop went over my head, I grabbed it and asked if I could keep it as I continued to walk away. I finally turned around to see who it as, there was a guy dressed as the devil. I asked again if I got to keep the hula-hoop and he went off with this memorized poem about challenging the devil and if you can win, blah, blah, blah. He gave me 3 hula-hoops and I had to be able to hula-hoop them, I told him that I wouldn't be able to and he said to try so I showed him that I couldn't do it. He told me I had 3 chances and then he would get to keep my soul or something like that, I decided that I rather liked my soul and took off running down the sidewalk, I was about a block away when I stopped and looked back to find him running after me, while hula-hooping! I took off again until he stopped and went back, needless to say it was interesting. (Derek recorded him so I will see if I can somehow send it to share :D)

I have now officially been a "third-wheel" on a date. There is a guy from my work that likes this girl from work but she doesn't like him and she has told him several times of that fact. Last Friday he invited her to come to a movie that was being paid for by his single ward. She asked Derek and I to come along for the sole purpose of being a third wheel, and let me say it was awkward. Apparently he tried holding her hand a couple of times during the movie, which didn't go over so well with her. After the movie the ward paid for everyone to go to Sammy's and get milkshakes. While we were waiting for ours we were sitting at this bench thing, it went Derek, I, Elisabeth, and Andre. Andre and Elisabeth were sitting almost 2 feet away from each other and weren't really talking. The whole time Derek kept whispering to me, tell her to sit closer, tell her to talk to him, etc. It was really weird being there but I think it would have been even worse without us there to start up random conversations about nothing.

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