Sunday, December 8, 2013


Last night I was working on a project in the walk-in fridge and walk-in freezer at work. I was moving these packages that had been under the fan in the freezer and a month or so ago it had been leaking so they were covered with ice. I wasn't thinking at the beginning and was just throwing the packages on the ground, I realized that I should get a garbage bag and put them directly in there rather than in the ground. I went and grabbed a bag and as I walked back in the fridge I immediately stepped on ice and went flying. My foot kicked the metal shelves and my head hit the metal door as all of me hit the ground. I tried working for a bit but then limped into the office at the insistence of Kayla after I told her what had happened. My foot continued to hurt for a little bit and my head ached but I went back to work. I didn't look at my foot last night or today until after walking around all day in shoes and having the edge of my shoe pressing right where the bruise was. This is what I found tonight and I now see why it hurts, all I can say is only me :(


  1. No fun! I hope it doesn't hurt for long.

  2. Agree with Kyle, I hope you are okay...that looks/sounds like it hurt.