Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lunch of Champions

Nathan and Sallee were in town for a couple of days (yeah!), they wanted to see everyone if only for a bit so we arranged to meet for lunch Friday afternoon. I got lucky and someone was willing to cover my shift so that I could go and join them. We brought my camera but unfortunately forgot to take some pictures after Nate and the Chuys arrived (Claire had been super tired and fell asleep right before they left to come meet us for lunch). her!

My silly brother who is not a fan of taking a normal picture.

Sonia...she had had surgery on her hand the day before, a big trooper being willing to come have lunch with all of us despite probably being very tired.

The HUGE sandwich that Sonia got...we had not expected it to be so big!

We missed Sallee and Claire at lunch but when we were finished Claire had woken up so Mom and I went over and visited them for a was so much fun to hear Claire giggling and laughing!

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