Monday, December 26, 2011

Clang, Clang, Clang Went the Trolley--- Day 2

Day 2 we headed up to San Francisco for a fun day full of adventure on the trolley, in Chinatown, and visiting my cousin and her family. By going to Chinatown it was fun to share with Mom a little bit of what it was like in daily life in Taiwan and have her try some fun adventurous food :)

Kyle helped Mom style her hair after her shower. 

Waiting for the trolley in San Fran. 

That's my Mommy!

Mom was entertained by the street performers. 

K was thirsty and went into Burger King while we were waiting in line for the trolley. 

Such an intense face. 

Two birds kissing. 

Chinese snacks!

A sign for where we went to lunch--yum, yum!

Waiting for the deliciousness to come. 

Our first plate, potstickers- so good (and I even used/liked the dipping sauce that came with it). 

Mom was a little at loss with the chopsticks and because we were in the center of Chinatown they didn't really provide normal silverware so she had to make due with her hands. 

Each one of those windows had a lit wreath- so pretty. I've also decided that they must have a whole storage unit just for decorations for their store. 

Dinner at my cousin Edna and John's house

The twins were so funny, they weren't paying attention when I took the first picture but the moment they realized I had a camera they wanted to pose for me. 

Kisses goodnight

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