Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Left My Heart In San Francisco--Day 3

One thing that I love about vacations...that it's ok to sleep in and be lazy (not that I don't usually do that anyway :D)

Saturday morning we woke up, got dressed and headed out to the morning market where there was plenty of tasty looking things. 

They even had Asian Pears---which are delicious, if you haven't tried one before go and find one now, you will never regret it!

After buying enough to satisfy our breakfast minds we hopped back into the car. 

Herbie's Cousin

Welcome to California where you see lots and lots of Prius's everywhere!

First stop was the Red Bridge (I think that it is misleading to call it the Golden Gate Bridge as it is not golden, never has been and there are no plans for it to be.)

Kyle took this picture and another one that I really like, I think the light coming through is really awesome. 

We were happy anytime we saw signs like this...who knew that was something to get excited about? 

It was a rainbow tunnel!

After the bridge we tried going to a redwood forest but apparently everyone else had the same plan as two parking lots were full and there were cars lining the roads on both sides for a mile or two. So we continued on down the road for awhile and found a beach (which I think ended up making Mom happier anyway because it gave her a moment to feel like we were "home")

Someone else had written this in the sand but we thought it fitting to steal it. 

Nothing like feet in the sand (I'm a big fan of the sand while your in the sand but not so much when you leave the beach)

Our family is a big supporter of Kuru's so of course we had to take at least one picture of all our shoes together (though sadly mine are starting to break down a bit)

Isn't that gorgeous? And it looks so much like home too. 

I have terrible balance and had to use the help of a brother to make it across. 

These guys were crab fishing. I'm just used to crab pots and had never seen people use poles before, when they would cast the line would go out several hundred feet--pretty awesome. 

There was a race going on, Kyle did not too shabby :)

Getting rid of the disruptive sand. 

Next we stopped by at this park thing--I can't really remember what the significance of it was, I was feeling a bit tired and a little sick by this time. 

Beautiful swans.

We be gangster fool!

Last stop for the day was Japantown. I had to drive up this hill that was straight up and had a four way stop at every corner, I was pretty sure that we were going to die and go rolling backwards down the hill (I was driving stick), but luckily we made it. 

They had these beautiful trees decorated with origami.

I got a yummy crepe to share and of course the Asian world quickly pulls me back into V/peace sign in pictures :)

A close-up on the santa looking thing they added. 

Another beautiful tree. 

That's my kind of display...all cupcakes 

By the time we were finished perusing through a pen store Japans version of the dollartree, and a couple of other stores we were quite hungry. We decided on a Thai restaurant nearby. 

The sauce on this chicken was DE-LI-CIOUS! We kept on dipping our other foods in the remnants. 

Kyle got this vegetarian dish, the flavor was not my favorite on their sauce.  

We kind of had to hurry through our meal because it was a small restaurant and they had reservations for two different large groups (in the 20's) but they let us come in, we felt a little bad and didn't want to make them stressed so we hurried...but I am so glad that we went there!

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