Monday, March 19, 2012

Problem #21 Lack of Common Sense

It's 20 minutes past midnight, I've spent most of the day in bed, with a sore-sore-sore throat, coughing and freezing. I got out for two hours to go to work because Dallin (who had come in to work for me because I was sick) had gone home throwing-up and there was going to be two hours before Irene could come in (she had agreed to come work the second half of my shift for me), by the time I returned home tonight I was exhausted and ready to collapse in bed.
Right now I don't have the energy to really do anything but I'm also tired of being in my bed. So, even though it's snowing outside (AGAIN!...grrrr) and the power keeps flickering I'm being stupid and looking at recent pictures and thinking about blogging.
Where is the common sense of, you are sick, you should go to school tomorrow if you can so go to sleep to get better! Hopefully one blog post will be enough to send me to bed :) Hopefully.

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