Tuesday, March 20, 2012

School Project

Gratefully I have a Mom and Best Friend who are willing to support my craziness and the ideas that come with it or else there would have been no way that I would have got this project done in time for class (at least not form when I started it). 
A month or so ago we took a grammar quiz and there were several areas in which our class did not so well. My teacher divided up those areas and assigned each of us two that we had to prepare a little presentation on each area. We were supposed to have some sort of visual and I didn't want to just do a simple handout. One of my areas was apostrophes, I decided that I was going to have a couple of different sentences, some that needed apostrophes and some that did not.

I put each word on a piece of candy from the sentence and then got mike 'n' ikes to use for apostrophes.  

We made a set of four sentences for each person in my class (there was a sentence on each side of the candy). 
 I wrote on each piece of paper, Brea highlighted the words so we would know what sentence it belonged to and my Mom taped the papers on the candy. 

 Addie so much wanted to be part of the work but sadly this wasn't really a job that she could be involved with. 

My presentation was definitely different then everyone else's. Every time they would put together the sentence I would ask them if there needed to be an apostrophe and if there did where did it belong. After the first sentence when someone answered correctly he asked "because I got it right can I eat my apostrophe?" It made me laugh and I was glad that they liked it. Thanks to Brea and Mom (and Addie) for supporting my crazy ideas. 

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  1. Ask me to help out next time too!! I don't want to be left out. ;)