Thursday, October 9, 2014

Flat Flat

In August I got a flat tire, "lucky" for me it was the day of Jacob's birthday party and Ben and Erick were both there to help me learn how to change my tire and put my spare on (even more "lucky" for me we noticed the flat when my car was parked in my drive-way at my house). As much as I would have preferred to just have them change it for me it was nice to learn and know that if I ever need to I CAN do it (again not that I wouldn't prefer someone else to do it ;D). 
I didn't believe Ben when he came inside and told me that I had a flat tire. 

My reaction when I saw the proof :(

I'm so grateful that I have great brothers (near and farther away) that are willing and ready to help me.

Putting those great muscles to work that I've been getting from the gym ;)

The great offender....grrr!

Glad that my mom could document the whole thing for me and that I could provide entertainment for my family (at one point I look up and saw that my sister-in-law had gotten camping chairs out of their car and were sitting in a row watching me). 

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