Thursday, October 9, 2014

It's Bike Riding Time!

I've had the same bike for years and while I wasn't really into biking having the same old heavy frame with humongous tires weren't really that big of a deal for a once in awhile rides around the block. When we went on our ride for Kayla's birthday in May and I was struggling to go up a little hill and to keep up with Kayla and Derek (or feeling terrible about slowing them WAY down) and I realized that biking was becoming more of an interest to me so with the help of Kayla and her dad we began to look for bikes on KSL and at other bike shops. They were awesome, they took me to a bike store so that I could test ride different kinds of bikes to decide what I really wanted (hybrid vs. road bike, etc.), I realized that I really preferred the road bike but the good bikes started around $1200 and even with biking becoming more important to me I knew it wasn't something that I could afford yet so we turned exclusively to KSL and craigslist looking for bikes. Kayla found one that looked and sounded great, we contacted the guy and arranged a time to go over. Luckily it was only a mile or so from Kayla's house so her dad could go with us (he knows a lot more about bikes and I trust his judgement/knowledge). I fell in love with it the moment that I saw it! Immediately when we got back to Kayla's house I had to ride around her neighborhood for like 20 minutes (even though it was pitch dark outside). I've done over 200 miles already on it and hope that this beauty will last me for a long time!

Right after I bought the bike, I was a little more than excited. 

On the way back to Kayla's I watched it the whole way to make sure that it didn't go anywhere :)

I didn't have a bike rack yet so Kayla got to bring it back to my house for me, isn't she gorgeous!?

Kayla was so kind and immediately sent out these two snapchats for me 

And with the bike came two water bottle holders so I had to get watching water bottles that matched each other and my bike :) we made a special trip up to scheels to get them (and then I've since found out that they have them at Target as well).

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