Sunday, February 15, 2015

Kick-Off to 2015

January, already the year is off to a great start! I'm loving this "winter!" (I feel a little bad when I get pictures sent from my sister-in-laws about how the snow goes up to the trampoline in Boston and my brother in New York is having to put two jackets on to go take the garbage out, when yesterday I went on a bike ride, wore capris and sandals, got a pedicure and just basked in the high-50's temperatures). I am looking forward to what 2015 is going to bring!

 When I went and got my headlights done in January I did it at the Mazda dealership in Orem, of course I had to look at the beautiful new cars...look at all of those gorgeous Mazda6's!

 This beautiful Mazda3 was staring at me the whole time in the lobby. 

I love in the mornings when I am making lunch at work I open the blinds and windows and the sun just streams in and lights up the whole kitchen.  

January had lots of silly moments and cuddles with my kids. 

Waffle Love was around the corner from work one day. My boss had never tried them before so I sent her over to get us some, delicious!

I got some fun new socks from dollar tree and wore them to work one day, all good except I didn't really plan well for when I was going to the gym afterwards. I hope that everyone at the gym appreciated my happy socks :)

One of the fun things that always happens in January and has become our tradition is going to the Auto Expo. Lots of shiny new cars to admire. 

The girls love it when I allow them to do my hair. I always come out with very interesting styles :)

One night Kayla was babysitting her nephew, we took him out for dinner and fun at the arcades. 

My first time putting my rack and bike on my car without anyone else being there to help me!

One of the girls documented me coloring.

Sometimes you just got to take selfies ;D

More hairstyles.

I had an adventure with my bike when we tried riding more north on the Jordan River Trail (I would not recommend it...terrible!). My first flat tire. Lucky for me Derek and Kayla know what they are doing and Kayla had an extra tube/CO2 container so we were able to change my tube and head back. 

Despite getting a flat tire that ended up being my longest ride I've ever done at 30.49 (Kayla and Derek were nice to go extra on the trail with me just so I could break the 30 miles).

The one bad thing about all of this warm weather this year is that Ice Castles weren't able to be open very long, they only ended up being open 3 days, one weekend which kind of stunk for them because they moved locations this year and made it bigger and better. We were lucky though and it worked out that we were able to get up there on Monday, the last day that they were open. Just as last year it was amazing, I can't believe all of the work that goes into it. These pictures don't even begin to do it justice. 

 Derek and I went and did a bike ride up North and on our way back we stopped at RC Willey to look at different appliances for an condo that Derek was looking at. This place was huge, I could quite easily get lost in there (I feel like we walked in several circles) and it was fun to daydream, I realized that I have quite expensive tastes if allowed. I've always said that my kitchen would be where I would spend the most money on if I were designing it. (There was a side by side fridge and freezer with each unit being separate and about the size of a regular fridge. I could just imagine myself standing in front of it with both doors open)

One night we didn't know what to do and we somehow ended up at the nicklecade, we got these 3 snails as our prizes, we had some entertaining races across the tables with them and they now sit on the counter looking cute as ever :)

January doesn't seem to have been as full or at least I didn't take as many pictures but I know that it was a good month full of bike rides, movies, lots of laughter at work and outside of work, time spent with family and friends, making fun plans for the year.

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