Monday, May 11, 2015

Lovin' On February

Obviously February ended a couple of months ago. And more happened then I have pictures of (as usual).

My ward had an activity for FHE where we went to Jack and Jills in Lehi for bowling, lazer tag and arcade games. We felt pretty special as we got the private bowling suite. It was kind of fun because I got to meet some new people. 

One of my kindergartners brought some nail polish to school one day and wanted to paint mine for me. I was pretty impressed with how focused she was to detail, and I think that they didn't come out too bad.   

I bought a new car! Just kidding, Lucy was looking at getting a new car and I worked hard at getting her into a Mazda :) She did really like them but ended up with something that was a little cheaper.  

 Lucy invited me to go to church with her one time. I've always been open to trying other churches so that I can understand someone else's beliefs and how can I expect them to want to hear about mine if I'm not willing to listen to theirs? It was an interesting experience, much of the time was spent singing and then this guy gave a sermon. It was actually a really good sermon but it was so weird to have a gospel discussion without using the Book of Mormon. 

That same Sunday I went to Ben and Sonia's ward because Katrina was the youth speaker in did my niece get old enough to give a talk!

I love love love that it's bonfire time of year. There's nothing quite like sitting in front of the fire!

Apparently February was the bowling month. I went again with Kayla, Derek, and Brittany one weekend. We tried a new bowling alley in Sandy I believe it was.  

February I was lucky enough to get to attend my Stake Relief Society Conference (I wrote a little bit about it HERE).

 I got a new toy for Christmas from Mom, that helped pull out the core of a cupcake so that I can put in a filling. I experimented with a new cupcake recipe and filled it with my yummy raspberry cream cheese frosting

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