Monday, May 11, 2015

Marching Into March

Much of March seemed to be leading up and preparing for my California trip (I'm writing a separate post about that), the trip itself and then not much after the trip. I still seemed to find quite a few pictures though to prove that I still had some things happen. 

We had a freak snow storm one morning (it kind of seems that's what all of our snow has been this winter or at least a big chunk of it). Visual on the freeway was terrible, everyone was only going 20-25 (compared to my normal 80 was crazy slow) and you couldn't see the lanes and barely the car in front of you. 

We did a really fun art project at work. You use a salad spinner, paint, and coffee filters. Really simple, just place the coffee filter in the salad spinner, put some drops of paint and then spin...tada! The kids loved it, especially seeing how placing the dots in different patterns/quantities/etc. created different results. 

Someone decided I needed to be a princess one day and help rescue others from the monsters that were coming to take over the world. 

All of the end results hanging up. 

Mandy, Charissa, Brea, and I hosted a baby shower for Leah in March (and the cute twins coming soon!). I was asked to make the desserts and of course I had to experiment and try new things :) Mom had bought me a mini whoopie pie pan for Christmas. I had originally was going to try to use them for push pops but they didn't fit the ones that I had so I made sandwiches instead. It was fun because I got to practice my pipping skills too, I think they turned out pretty cute.  

The desserts all together. 

I had leftover strawberries from the baby shower so Mom and I decided to take them up to Libbey and Erick's to share with them. 

 Alexia and Sophie were so excited to help Grandma slice the strawberries and get everything together. 

Getting our nails done before the cruise!

The Mathews' came over to help with our traditional hanging of eggs in the trees for Easter. Unfortunately we got them up late this year so the trees had already begun to bloom, it makes it a little harder to put them on the tree and we had to do it on the smaller one in the corner of the yard but they still looked good. 

For the General Woman's Broadcast Libbey, Mom, Sonia, Sarah, and Katrina came with me to my Singles Ward to watch it, afterwards they had sundaes afterwards plus candy sticks on the table. Sarah stacked all of the ones that were on our table, others started coming and donating theirs when they saw how tall she had made hers. 

Mom bought a new patio set with comfy rocking chairs that also swivel. It's been fun to go out and enjoy the warmth while reading or doing other stuff. 

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