Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gratefulness in the Form of a Bike

I wrote this the morning that I went to Taipei for Riverdance I just hadn’t had a chance to type it up and post it yet.

As I sit in the Hualien train station waiting for my train to Taipei for the second to the last time I have begun to reflect and to be grateful. This morning I rode on my bike by myself to the trainstation, for that I have many things to be grateful- that I have a bike, though it may not function the best it gets me from point A to point B; that I can ride a bike- some people can’t, whether it be because of a handicap or some other reason; that I could endure the distance without having to stop or feeling out of breath when I arrived- that would not have been the case several months ago when I arrived; that I could find my way without the help of others- I don’t really think that I appreciated how well I could remember how to get to places, even if I only went there once, before this trip- but on this trip I have bery much appreciated it, especially since I don’t always go with others that remember or know how to get where we are going, they can tell me once and I will remember. Some of these things may seem rather small or large, but to me they are all important, I don’t think that I always take the time to truly sit down and look at how blessed I have been from this trip, I know that there are many others that I cannot think of off the top of my head but I am very, very grateful for them indeed and hope to try harder to appreciate what I have.

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