Saturday, January 10, 2009

Teacher Beth's Chinese Words

(Please excuse that they are probably not the correct spelling)

huh-huh shue: Drink Water (if you are talking to older people you would just say huh but huh-huh is more like baby talk)
mayo: I don't have
che-che: Thank You
ma: Horse
liang liang: Shiny, shiny or beautiful
huan ing guang ling: Welcome (this is the one that sounds like Good Morning)
ne-how: Hello
zou-an: Good Morning
dew-an: Good Afternoon
dou-an: Good Evening
chuang: Bed
tuan: Boat
che-che guang ling: Thank You for Being Here
Doy Bu Chi: Sorry
Bu Ka Chi: You're Welcome
May Guan Chi: It's Ok
Doy: Yes, it is right
(there might be more but I don't know

Kids Chinese Names:
Kristy: Lee Pei Ee
Leslee: Yo Tien Hua
L. Alice: Goey
Meggy: Che Chuen
Rose: Shu Yo Ro
Areti: Ling Yen Chuan
Anna: Chunz El Ling
Ray: Jiang Chun Ray
Amy: Jing Jing
Buzz: Lee Chunz Ling
L. Annie: Ze E
Yukai: Yukai (Yep, probably one of the easiest to remember :D)
Mine: Ma Liang Liang

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