Saturday, August 1, 2009

Book Giving

One of the main goals for me being at home is for Mom and I to sort through our stuff, give away, throw away, and box away the remaining. We haven't been working very hard on it until these past few weeks, our first item that we have been tackling have been the piles on piles on boxes of books that we own. Mom and I went through both of our boxes, labeled them and recorded what we had and made decisions about many of them. Today we took many, many boxes away to the library and to church for people to have.
This is what the car looked like when we left for Newport, one side of the car full of LDS books that we were giving away and the other side full of non-LDS romances (I want to just point out that we are left now only with 30--yep that's right 30! romances, and that is only because there were some that I wanted to read before we gave them away).

I wanted to really show how many books we were getting rid of so I told Mom to take a before and after photo (I was at work by this time), so she took a before and after photo of the table at church where she left the books....

Family... you should be proud!

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