Tuesday, October 20, 2009

All The Single Ladies...

Gather at the local Dairy Queen?

Last Monday after I dropped my Mom off at the airport shuttle I got to spend the day in Corvallis as I had the day off! I met up with Kandis and we went out to lunch and had tons of fun, then we went onto the Singles FHE! Super fun, because of work I don't get to go out very often, I especially don't get to hang out very often with young single adults so I was super excited.
When the activity was over at President Sherry's we weren't all quite ready to go home and have the night be over, so I suggested that we head over to Dairy Queen. We were all pretty hyper (especially me) and when you get 6 girls together that have tons of energy and add ice cream and sugar you are bound to have some pretty fun and entertaining things happen...among some-blank text sent to guy that we had just met that night, a ripped sweatshirt, new friends with the Dairy Queen employees, oh what a night!

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