Monday, October 5, 2009

Wonderful Response

I read a blog called The Big Picture, it picture documents different things that are happening around the world and today it was sharing pictures of the 2009 Sumatra earthquakes that happened last week.
When I finish looking at the pictures I always take the time to read some of the comments and I saw someone say "If "there" is a God...where is him now?" This is not the person to say that and they won't be the last, but it still hurts me to hear that but I loved the response that someone gave to them, they said....
"As long as we live on planet earth, we are subjected to all the things this eath has to offer...pain, death, life and suffering...all the bad, as well as all the wonderful things. This world is not our home."
What a wonderful response, not a confrontational response or a strict religious one, just straight forward. It left me with a better feeling in my heart.

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  1. Did you respond then? I can't remember who it was but someone in General Conference also talked about this same subject.