Monday, October 19, 2009

Disneyland Presents

My Mom went to Disneyland this past week with my brother and his family (I know, I know---totally not fair!), she was nice and brought me back several gifts!

I collect the flattened pennies and every time she goes somewhere my Mom tries to find a penny machine and she brings me back one. She know's that Winnie the Pooh is one of my favorite Disney characters and so she got this one for me, she tried to find the a princess one for me also but had no luck :(

I also like to collect mugs (we call them hot chocolate mugs or apple cider mugs instead of coffee mugs :D) so she brought me back this pretty pink (one of my favorite colors) princess mug! Don't I have an awesome Mom? :D

My Brother and his family sent me this sucker too! How nice though I wasn't there to enjoy the fun that through pictures, stories, and gifts I can feel as though I was there!

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  1. We bought many of the same things while we were at Disney!! I got Adam one of the flattened pennies and I bought each of my Primary kids those Mickey Mouse lollipops!! I would have bought the mug, but Aly was "too grown up" and wouldn't even look at Princess stuff! Sheesh! ;-]