Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Do You Kuru?

I have to start this off with the preface that I am not a runner (or much of a walker either), I've never needed shoes that allowed me to run like the wind or walk the Great Wall of China. I've always been content with the five dollar shoes, granted sitting on your bed or couch all day doesn't really require more than five dollar shoes. My previous stance has always been, "hey they fit, awesome!"
At the end of January I got a pair of Kuru shoes, they came just as I was leaving on a trip to California with my brother so I threw them in my bag to use as my walking shoes. I started to regret that I had brought them as my only walking shoe, going on a 3 day tourist trip around San Fransisco, San Jose, and the surrounding areas is not exactly the ideal place to break in new shoes. I had no choice so I put them on the first day we went out...the amazing thing?! At the end of the day my feet weren't even hurting!
This semester I have babysat for a BYU professor at her home two days a week. I ride a bus and then walk two miles from the bus-stop to her home, I was a little worried at what shoes I would wear that would last the four miles a day, plus playing with the kids. So I decided to try out the Kuru's, most days when I get home I feel fine except being tired (try spending the afternoon with 3+ kids and not being tired), my feet don't hurt and I feel awesome for having walked for the day.
I'm not generally one to "advertise" different companies here but I'm sure that I'm not the only one that sometimes wishes we had better shoes for our feet, if you are ever looking for something a little nicer I would definitely consider KURU, they are a little on the pricier (remember the fore-mentioned spending habits) but they are definitely worth it---plus they aren't that bad looking either! :)

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