Monday, April 4, 2011

The Pink Girls!

That title is not exactly correct, if it were up to Leah we would be titled "The DUSTY ROSE Girls" and NOT Pink. She was very set against it being pink (:D) but one of the Mom's that we grew up with called us the Pink Girls, every time Brea and I heard it we would laugh just because we knew that Leah wouldn't like it.
The day of the wedding was a fun day, it started out very rainy and we were concerned that it might continue while we were going to take pictures but luckily it stopped just as we were taking pictures outside the Temple.

The funny part of the day was Brea...she didn't get all of her clothes until right before the wedding so she matched all of us but wasn't exactly the same so Kelsey decided that she was the "maid-of-honor," even without trying she had a bouquet that was a little different than everyone else.

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