Monday, April 4, 2011

Conference Sunday

Conference was wonderfully rejuvenating as normal! (You can listen/watch/read the talks here) I love the opportunity every 6 months of getting to listen to the Prophet and the other leaders called of God. It's a unique thing that we have, hearing words meant just for us and these latter-days. Besides conference my weekend was also filled with a bridal shower, puzzles, taking family pictures for the Skousens, and many more things!

Sunday morning began like this:
I was not too pleased to see the snow...yes it's beautiful but I was hoping that we were getting closer to spring/summer rather than winter.

Brea and Darrell joined Mom and I for the afternoon session, so we got to spend sometime with this cuteness.

Addie and her Daddy took a nap sometime during the afternoon session.

Brea and I may or may not have worked on and almost completed a 1000 piece puzzle!

As soon as the session was over we got ready to take family pictures, Brea has been wanting to take them for awhile and having time where all of them are together doesn't happen very often so we took advantage of the time (despite the snow that wanted to fall on us).

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