Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bye-Bye Bushes

I think no matter where you live there will always be things that you like about your house and area and there will be other things that you wont like quite as much. One of the things at the new house that my Mom and I have never been a big fan of is a line of bushes that lead up to our house. We kind of felt like it we were in-prisoned and that it cut off the yard a bit. Last week Libbey came down and helped Mom pull out one side of the bushes (Sonia rescued them and moved them to their house where it looks awesome!). I came home from work at the tale end of their working on it but I was able to snag some pictures of them hard at work.

Jacob told me all about how they were gardening and about all the bugs that they had found. Mom has already had many compliments from neighbors and others in the ward about how nice the house is looking without the bushes. Mom already likes it better without them but I think it always makes her feel a little bit better when others think it looks nice too. Yesterday Mom also planted a bunch of beautiful flowers in the front...I love how nice it is looking!

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