Sunday, July 31, 2011

Splish Splash

This past Thursday Sonia called up everyone and invited them to go to the Highland Splash Pad with her and the kids. I had just enough time to go with everyone before heading to was so much fun and I love that it was free. The kids loved it and loved playing with each other (even the adults got wet! :D). Even though it's designed mostly for kids I would totally be for going again (this time with swimming suit underneath my clothes and ready to get wet).

Claire was immediately ready to go in and wanted to wander around all of the shooting fountains.

As soon as Lexie saw the water she wanted to be no where but there.

I loved that the water was deep enough to sit in but not overly deep where it would be scary.

We sat Lexie down by one of the shooting fountains, she was so funny. Every time it would stop shooting she would try to look down the hole and put her fingers in it. Whenever she would get wet she would make this face but she kept on wanting to get wet.

Sarah and Jacob were also there but there are not any pictures of them because they were off playing the whole time and had no time for pictures.
One thing that really impressed me was that they turned off all the water for about 10 minutes at the end of the hour to make sure that kids took a potty break, checked in with parents, had a snack, and it gave parents some time to leave if they wanted without having to drag their kids away screaming because the water was still going and everyone was having fun.

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