Sunday, September 25, 2011

Living Off the Land

We had been talking about camping for a couple of weeks, we finally were able to pick a date, even the rain couldn't deter us. Brea and I spent the morning getting everything prepped and ready, gathering food, games and camping supplies.
The campground may not have been the nicest one that I have ever been to, but Brea, Darrell, Clark, Addie, me, Kimmy, and her roommates had fun anyway.

Clark getting the fire started.

Only part of the stuff that was shoved into the car.

Brea prepping the meatballs for the tin foil dinners.

Addie and Uncle Clark

Darrell and Clark (with the help of Addie) setting up tent #1.

Dinner cooking.

An interesting mix of burnt that Kimmy and her roommates made.

A quick way to clean out tents before taking them down.

I didn't remember how much work camping was but I still love it and am looking forward to the next opportunity that I have to go.

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