Friday, July 18, 2014

Are You Happy?

Yesterday morning I saw this on youtube. It is an adorable movie with the cutest 3 year old and I spent part of the movie laughing and crying. You don't have to watch it, I know that not everyone gets excited about watching 9 and a half minutes of Chinese. 
My favorite part comes at the end when one of the judges asked the little boy why he wants to dance and he replies "Because I like dancing. When I dance, my mom laughs. My mom says laughing is happiness." Another judge then said, "Tell me, what is your dream?" He replied, "My dream make people happy because I'm happy. Are you happy?"
Such wisdom from a three year old. I love it, I want to keep this as a reminder to always ask myself if I am doing something that is making me laugh and making me happy.

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