Sunday, July 26, 2015

Fun in April

April already seems so far away. Hopefully I can remember everything associated with these pictures :)

Brea and Darrell blessed Spencer in April. Afterwards they had lunch, after that (when everyone had left but Clark and I) we played games. They recently had gotten a new game, at the moment I couldn't tell you what it was called. It was fun but I'm always nervous playing games against Clark and Darrell as they always seem to dominate, somehow I actually wasn't in last place for all of the rounds!

Erick's Birthday is in April (among others) and the Chuy's invited everyone over for cake and ice cream. 

They had two different kinds of cake...a chocolate one from Costco and a chocolate flan that I believe Libbey made. 

I got a pedicure, I kind of copied Lucy's that she had gotten done but changed it a bit. I thought that they came out super cute. 

Mom went on a trip for a couple of weeks (I believe it was to visit it sad that I don't remember for sure). We've been getting a lot more use out of the Provo airport lately then we have the Salt Lake as Kyle found this cheap airline that flies from Provo to Oakland. 

You know...just one of those days that I felt cute. 

I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting from General Conference, as I was preparing for it it looked like a printer had exploded everywhere. 

I think this was the last time that I went to the nicklecade. Kayla and I decided to go on night randomly. We definitely are fans of the new Wizard of Oz game. 

We got new shelves and bins for all of the nap stuff (we had outgrown the space that we had it in). I put all of the shelves together one morning and with the help of Jenn got them all labeled and filled with the correct stuff. I was proud of how it looked. 

Sonia's brother Andrei got married in June and Mom and I were asked to take their wedding pictures. I left early one afternoon to go take them at their luncheon. I love taking pictures but I was afraid that I wasn't good enough to be taking them for them, I hope that they were happy with what they got. 

I introduced Mom to Waffle Luv finally and she was a big fan (of course!). I had told her that I had a recipe that was a copy cat recipe that I had been wanting to try. While we were there though someone was purchasing pre-made dough from them and we asked if they had any extra, they just happened to have some so we bought a dozen (that's how they sold it). It was an adventure to cook these to say the least. Because of the sugar in there it requires you to clean in between every waffle. We decided that in the future we will let the people of waffle luv cook our waffles for us. 

Easter morning we went and had breakfast with Ben and Sonia's family. It was a beautiful day and we ate outside. Sonia's family has a tradition of hard boiled egg wars, each person holds an egg and whacks them together, the person that cracks loses. My egg never cracked! I was the winner :)

The winning egg :)

Sorry these pictures are all mixed up, this is Mom with her Waffle Luv. 
If you haven't ever tried Sweet Baby Ray's Honey Mustard it is AMAZING! They sell it at Costco (not all of the time) and not in any other store. I finally tracked some down on Amazon as it had been almost a year since Costco had sold any and I was out. I ordered a couple for me and one each for Kayla and Derek. A week or so after I had gotten it I was walking thru Costco and what do I see!? I wasn't very happy about that. 

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