Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Experimental Post

So, one major part of blogging that made me excited was that I am supposed to be able to add pictures in the middle of my text. So I guess that is why I am calling this my experimental post. I am learning new techniques and seeing what I can do. (Sorry for those who have added this to their blog reader)

I was looking through my pictures the other day as I was trying to find a cute older one of me for my facebook profile picture. I realized that I didn't have any on my computer of when I was very young (which made me sad), but I did remember that my family had this random yahoo group (which I doubt that anyone remembers is there) and that there had been a picture of my family. So I went there, in hopes that a) it would still be there, and b) that I would remember my password (I seem to have difficulties with that). Low and behold it was still there and I did remember my password. I quickly stole the picture (though I am not sure if it counts as stealing when it is your own family website and it is a picture of you, oh well). I really like this picture. It kind of made me sad and happy at the same time though, because I looked at it and started to notice all of the changes: first of all I'm not a baby anymore (though my mom might beg to differ, saying that I am still her baby girl), second our front door doesn't look like that anymore, and neither do most of us as the kids anymore. Ben is much older (I guess that I don't really need to add that on everyone, as we are all a lot older :D ) and is married with three kids, Libbey is married and has little Jacob, and Joel is married. It is kind of interesting, because as I was thinking of all the different changes and looking at the picture I wondered what mom and dad were thinking back then, if they had any guesses of what we would be like when we were older. I guess that this is kind of interesting reminiscing, kind just of talking not really knowing what I'm saying.

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