Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fun in the Ward

Last night one of the funnest nights since I have been at college. It started when I decided that I wanted to play a game, Jamie and Shalynn wanted to play too but we weren't enough people to play. I heard a bunch of people upstairs and went up there and asked if they wanted to play with us too. They did so we grabbed the game and headed up to the second floor lobby and all sat down in a huge circle. It was so much fun we had Paul, Randy, Jeff, Ben, Allison, Cindy, Will, Shalynn, Rachel, Jamie, and I- we were playing Taboo (a fun game for those who have never played before) we were having fun playing for awhile and then we were all just sitting around talking. All of a sudden Kevin came upstairs with water guns and started shooting Bryan and Irene. I guess Kevin's roommates had thrown his underwear at them and they didn' t know where they had come from so they placed them in the trophy case in the boys hall. He wasn't very happy as the cleaning people had taken them. So what started as water guns turned into a whole blown water fight. It was so funny because it moved to the third floor and our whole group followed upstairs to see what was going to happen. At one point they had Kevin locked inside a kitchen for like 10 minutes, they were finally going to let him out and everyone was like "oh the intermission is over." Finally when I got tired of that I came back downstairs to my room and started to clean a little bit, as we had cleaning checks this afternoon. Jamie and I were playing a game for a little while and then Liz, Allison, Paige, and Fernanda came to invite whomever wanted to join them in playing night games. So at 1:30 we gathered in the lobby and headed towards the central building lawn. We got there and the group of guys was already there. There was probably like 25 and we first split up for cops and robbers and then we played sardines. I got home at 3:30am, I had so much fun, probably not the best time to come home. I was cold but I had been running around for 2 hours and I had, had so much fun. I can't wait until next Friday when we are going to play again, this time we are going to gather a little earlier at midnight. Probably this is not completely interesting to the rest of the people that may or may not read this, but reminder this is more for me than anyone else (at least for now!).

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