Thursday, July 17, 2008


Today I received my visa!!! I was beginning to get very nervous about it getting here on time. I tried not to concentrate on it so I would freak myself out, but this lady at work kept asking me about my trip and whether I was nervous or not. I told her that I was really nervous and inside my head I was kind of freaking out because it hadn't come yet. Because of some mis-communication and mail problems my visa had taken a little longer then normal. But now I can breathe easy and celebrate the next week and a half until I leave for Taiwan!!!! I am excited to think that I will probably add one more blog about my brothers wedding and then my next blog will be from Taiwan, keep posted to find out what happens in my travels around the world, one blog at a time. Signing off, this is Betherd!

1 comment:

  1. hurray!! I am so excited for you...even though I'm going to miss you tons!!

    Love ya!!