Monday, July 7, 2008

Drama in Toledo

July 4th has come and gone! Where was I? Working :( I have had some adventures though to fill my week, though I was still sad to have missed the 4th...)

I will start with last Monday and work my way forward...
I came into work last Monday to see all of the cashiers whispering together, I went to the service center to mail something and asked Missy what was going on, she told me that one of our regulars had come in and given her a twenty dollar bill and wanted to know whether it was counterfeit or not, it was torn down the center lengthwise, she used our marking pin and marked it all the way down the long way, sure enough it was fake. He was mad and took the $20 and walked out. She just told me who is was and told me to keep an eye out for them throughout the day, saying that as soon as they got mad over having been given a fake twenty they were sure to come back and try and use it. All checkers were on edge that day, watching out for the guy and his brother/buddy (I am not sure which) and everytime they came through we had to check every bill that they gave us, it kind of freaked me out the first time he came through my stand that day, I was definitely on edge that he would try to give me a counterfeit bill, but luckily the one he gave me was real. I believe that the cops came in that day at least 2 times, to question about what was going on. They told us that at several different businesses that day in Toledo counterfeit bills had been used, not all by the same people.
Tuesday was my day off so I had to come back and find out about the drama of while I was gone, I was kind of dissapointed in missing the action. When I returned I found out that the Secret Service had been into the store, one of the cashiers had even gotten to shake their hand. I guess that the counterfeit has all of a suddden been really bad, I believe that someone tried turning the money into the bank, which is why the Secret Service was called. I guess even more buisnesses received the counterfeit bills in Toledo, as this article was in the paper on Wednesday:
as far as I have heard, the two people arrested in this article weren't even the worst of them, they were let go in the next couple of days from what I have heard. (Side note but not, several people from the buisnesses that received the counterfeit bills had to go to Grand Jury on Thursday).
Now on Wednesday when I came back the day started out pretty normal, but after I had been there for awhile things started to pick up. A busy rush had just started when all of a sudden we saw a guy walking across the parking lot with two police officers towards the corner of the building and then we heard sirens just before the Toledo Fire Department truck pulled into the parking lot, not long after that we saw a ambulance pull into the parking lot also. Of course one of our cashiers had to go rushing out of her check stand to take a "smoke break," from what I have heard she wasn't very polite about it and kind of got in the faces of the paramedics and such trying to find out what was going on. Of course we all wanted to know what was going on but it was a busy rush and she could have made things worse for being over there. Afterward we found out what had happened, I guess a guy had locked himself in the bathroom and while in there had a seizure, someone else had wanted to use the bathroom and the guy wasn't responding so they got concerned and called the police/ambulance, because he wasn't responding they had to break down the door. They took him to the hospital and we have not heard anything sense, though later that night the owner of the laundry mat came in and told us that he wished that we would have called him, "sorry dude, but it wasn't top in our list of things to do in the middle of a rush-we didn't even think about it."
Sadly not that much happened on the 4th, we were kind of busy up till about 6-7ish and then it just went dead, it was a very very long night. Though at the very end, we thought we were going to get a huge rush when about 10 people came in through the two doors, but gratefully it was not.
And people say that Toledo never has any drama/action, they should just come hang out in JC for a couple of days.
This is Betherd, signing off!

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