Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Taiwan Journey--Day 1 and 2 Photos

Sorry these pictures are not in the order that I saw them as adding pictures to this is sort of confusing to me, so I will add comments to them and you will have to accept the order as it is.

This is one of there garbage trucks, I have yet to hear them but I have been told many times that the garbage trucks like to think that they are ice cream trucks and so they have added a little tune like they have on the ice cream trucks, Natalie said that the first time she heard one she wanted to run out and get something and they were like no, that is the garbage truck.

Notice the broom at the end of the truck, not exactly up to standard of what I think of as a broom. It kind of reminds me of what we always say witch brooms look like. When we drove past someone using one I was a little confused at what they were doing and then I saw it on the garbage truck and then it made more sense to me of what it was.

This is what a normal apartment building looks like, that or taller. It is insane to me, I complained about having to move in on the first floor of my apartment building. I know that you can find apartment buildings like that in the states, but this is mostly what I have seen here, two story buildings are not very common, except in the poorer parts.

This is what I saw on the train ride to Hualien, isn't it beautiful even with the clouds? I couldn't get the best pictures because we were farther away but I still thought that it was gorgeous.

This is what was on the seat in front of me during the train ride, I just thought it was kind of funny because it looks like a monopoly board. I am not sure what it means but I thought that it was kind of interesting.

This was the back of a tour bus, I just thought it funny that it was Volvo. I see every company of cars everywhere. I thought it was interesting, in Peru they had all the same companies but some of the car titles were put on a different company, as of yet I haven't seen that except there is a Toyota Corona and I don't exactly remember a beer named car.

This is what one of their "traditional" taxi's look like, the are quite nice looking I think.

Good ol' McDonalds, what would I ever do without you. I am actually doing quite well with the food so far, but I think that at least once before I go home I want to go and try Taiwanese McDonalds.

Strangely 7-Eleven is something that has traveled over here also. In my apartment there are 7-Eleven Hello-Kitty magnets everywhere. There is also Pizza Hut but I was never quick enough to get a picture of them.

One of their ambulances, they actually look very modern, you would certainly know what it was in the states even with all the Chinese.

Baggage claim in the Taipei airport

I was just showing with these two pictures that most things (at least in Taipei) have both Chinese and English, which was nice considering I don't speak Chinese.

This is the flight board, showing the status of each flight. My flight was 95, the one at the top.

I thought that this was funny, a whole airline dedicated to Hello Kitty. Dennis said that they have huge store where you can buy tons of Hello Kitty stuff.

This a tour bus, I saw tons of them in Taipei. It seemed like they were nearly every other car, and they were all painted with tons of colors like this one. I also thought it interesting that every window was filled with curtains.
Ok, so I tried uploading a video to this and I am not sure if it did or not. If it did it is of a stop light, I just wanted to show how many people go through a stop light and that wasn't even a whole light, it was pretty much INSANE! (oh yeah and that was in Taipei, of course it was around 8am so people were on their way to work)

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