Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sky and Groceries Photo

This is the sky during the day, I just took this picture like 10 minutes ago. I love it, the sun comes up at about 5am, I generally get woken up at 6 because of the sun and the birds are singing.

This is the bread that I bought at the bakery: there is a loaf of white bread, my "sandwich," and a butter bread roll? it has cream filling in the middle and nuts- REALLY REALLY YUMMY! it kind of has a coconut flavor to it.

This is my groceries that I bought at the store!! I also got a pack of toilet paper and some razor blades. Aren't you quite impressed? This plus two other drinks and the toilet paper/razors only cost $432NT, not bad.

This is called Penotti. Brooke said that it is kind of like Nutella, BUT BETTER! It has chocolate hazelnut like Nutella, but then it is also swirled with Caramel! I think that is may try it for breakfast on toast.

Yeah!!! My shelf has things on it, ok so not a ton, but it at least has some now! (mine is the second one down by the way)

The next 4 pictures are of last night, I think that these pictures are pretty good but it was even more beautiful in person. The last one is of sky this morning, I think that, that mountain is gorgeous. (by the way this is the view that I just have from my porch, I get to see it everyday, every time I step out of my apartment)

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