Saturday, December 4, 2010


This was the first year that I have ever really gotten involved with the cooking and baking of the Thanksgiving meal, we had many, many desserts this year: pumpkin bars, pumpkin pie, pumpkin pudding, pumpkin roll, banana cream pie, coconut cream pie, apple pie, orange meringue pie, and pecan pie!

I made the banana cream (I cheated with instant pudding :D)

Pumpkin pie (you should be impressed, I don't like pumpkin pie but I made it for others)

Sonia made the delicious apple pie.

Orange meringue pie made by Katrina, I almost made a lemon meringue but I'm glad that I didn't. Katrina's was a big hit.

Pecan pie made by my Grandma

Coconut cream pie, Brea shared a recipe that she had gotten from Darrell's Mom. It was my first cooked pudding that I have ever made (from scratch!) I was super proud of myself and how well it came out.

Pumpkin pudding made by my Mom (my Grandma can't have gluten--aka pie crusts and so this was so she still could have pie).

Pumpkin roll made by my Grandma. She made it with gluten free flour, usually I don't like the texture of food made with the gluten free flour but this was delicious...I may even have had two or three slices :D

All in all it was a quite delicious Thanksgiving!


  1. yummy...we don't have thanks giving in India...feels great reading about thanks giving and everything associated with it.

  2. Yummmy... glad I read this *after* my fast instead of before :)