Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Cards Season

It's that time of year again...everyone is getting together their Christmas Cards and Letters together (some are even on top of the ball and already have them enveloped and sent).
You may not have heard of this awesome thing that Shutterfly is currently doing...all I have to do is blog about this and I will get 50 FREE Cards! How cool is that?
I hadn't originally planned on sending out cards this year, last year I bought them and they were so big it looked like I loved myself just a little too much (:D) but last night my roommates and I were taking some roommie pictures when we had one that we thought would be perfect for a Christmas card. I liked the idea of sending them out as roommates and figured why not.
Just at quick glance I have found several card ideas that I like...

Just to show a couple.
If you haven't worked with shutterfly before you should try it out, it is a really simple website and they have tons of beautiful designs for fairly inexpensive.
Also...if you want to get your own 50 free cards check it out HERE!

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