Sunday, June 20, 2010

Be Afraid

Do you see this picture? Do you know what it is? SQUID!! And guess what, me (yes me) tried some tonight! It didn't really have any flavor but was just super chewy. We had it cut up in a salad, I tried a ring looking piece and then one of the tentacles with all the suction things. I was told that I should try it like this at the night market, it is very good bbq'ed...we will see.
Fish and Paper wanted to make us dinner one more time before we left, tonight was the most logical so they came over to make us some Thai and Indian food (Paper really likes to cook and experiment). They made some curry with coconut milk, a papaya salad, and then the salad with the squid (the rest of the salad was actually quite yummy- I even had seconds!)

1 comment:

  1. I do eat squid, but someone else always prepares it. I think if I had to prepare it, I would never eat it again LOL